The following describes the standard functionality of the Commerce5 Product Upload. Below are examples of custom functionality that can be added to enhance your product catalog management.

All settings for the product upload is configured under

  • Commerce5 > Control

CounterPoint Item # = Magento SKU

CounterPoint Gridded Items

  • CounterPoint Item # = Magento Configurable Product SKU
  • CounterPoint Item#|GRID1|GRID2|GRID3 = Magento Associated Simple Product SKUs
    • Ex: Item #: 1234 comes in Colors Black, Blue and Sizes Small, Medium
      • 1234 = Configurable SKU
      • 1234|BLACK|SMALL = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLACK|MEDIUM = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLUE|SMALL = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLUE|MEDIUM = Associated Simple SKU

CounterPoint Alternate Unit Items

  • CounterPoint Item # = Magento Grouped Product SKU
  • CounterPoint Item #^UNIT = Magento Associated Simple Product SKU
    • Ex: Item # 1234 comes in CASE, 6 PACK, BOTTLE
      • 1234 = Grouped SKU
      • 1234^CASE = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234^6 PACK = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234^BOTTLE = Associated Simple SKU

Standard Functionality Includes

  • Using CounterPoint Ecommerce Category Tree

  • Using CounterPoint HTML Description

  • Using Image file or Item Number for uploading 1 image per product

  • Upload the following fields
    • Name
    • Description
    • Primary Vendor
    • Price
    • Special Price
    • Quantity
    • New Date From and To
    • Special Price Date From and To
    • Weight
    • Tax Category
    • Freight Amount
    • Substitute Items as Related Products in Magento

List of Examples for Possible Custom Enhancements to the Product Upload Process

Note: the following requires the Magento Extension uRapidflow

  • Uploading multiple images for a product
  • Adding fields to CounterPoint Item Table for Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Dynamically assigning products to Ecommerce Categories based on Item Attributes
  • Parent-Child Items (1 Item is sold as many different products in Magento sharing the same base inventory)
  • Uploading item attributes from Profile Codes, Attribute Codes, Alphanumeric fields, Numeric fields, Date fields, or any other Custom item field
  • Color Swatch Tables (Map color options in Counterpoint to a list of valid color choices. Used for product filtering on site and data feeds to Ebay, Google, etc)
  • Tier Pricing
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Populating Custom Magento Product Attributes
  • Assigning Products to Different Magento Websites
  • Creating Bundled Products in Magento from Bill of Material or Sales Kits in CounterPoint
  • Endless additional possibilities