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In Counterpoint there is a functional limitation for changing a Grid Dimension Tag after it has been created. As we can see here for this item the Grid Dimension 1 Tag has been misspelled as "COLR"

We have provided the following custom Commerce5 form within Counterpoint that will allow you to correct the misspelled Grid Dimension Tag

Table View - You can also work on cleaning up the Grid Dimension Tags in Table View

Note: if you try and change the Grid Dimension Tag to a value that has NOT been added to the Commerce5 > Gridded Items > Valid Grid Tags list you will receive an error like the following

Once the Grid Dimension Tags have been corrected you will notice the change on the item record:

An easy way to find all the items that have Grid Dimension Tags that need to be cleaned up is to filter by the field "Has Invalid Tag" as seen here:

How to Exclude Grid Dimensions from being created as a dropdown in Magento

We will then notice on the website that this item was created with ONLY the "Size" dropdown selection. The "Color" dropdown has been excluded

Note: A Grid Dimension can ONLY be excluded if there is 1 value, otherwise you will receive an error as follows

Error: Dimension 2 is flagged as exclude but contains more than 1 value. If you would like to add a grid dimension value for Dimension 2 then please unflag the Exclude Grid Dim 2. Also, please make sure you log into Magento and delete this item (and reimport it)

Note: If ALL the grid dimensions have been excluded then the item will get created as a "Simple" (non-gridded) item in Magento instead of a as a "Configurable" (gridded) item

Note: If an item has already been created in Magento and you decide you want to exclude a grid dimension you MUST delete the item in Magento and reimport