Commerce5 > Gridded Items > Mass Update Grid Tags

This form lets you bulk change grid dimension tags for EVERY item in Counterpoint.

Note: This tool can save you a lot of time, but should be used with caution as you are bulk changing product data. It is recommended that you have a backup of your database before using this tool

For our example we are going to bulk change all instances of the grid dimension tag "COLR" to the valid grid dimension tag "Color"

Click on the magnifying glass for the "Current grid tag"

Select the value "COLR" and hit ok

Then click on the magnifying glass for "Change to"

Select the value you want to change it to and hit ok

Note: If you do NOT see the Grid tag value that you want to change to it needs to be added to the Commerce5 > Gridded Items > Valid Grid Tags table

Once both fields have been populated and you are ready to bulk change all grid dimension tags with the value of "COLR" to the new valid value of "Color" click on the "Save" button

After clicking on save if you click on the magnifying glass for "Current grid tag" you will notice that the value "COLR" is no longer in the lookup. This is because it has been changed to the new value "Color"