• Magento Line item and Transaction coupons are supported, however they must be linked to a prompted amount line discount in Counterpoint.  
    • Counterpoint discount codes set up as fixed amounts or percents are not supported, and must be configured as prompted amounts.
    • Counterpoint discount code must be valid online or both in-store and online.
    • Magento only allows one coupon code per purchase.  If multiple codes are used on the same order, a single discount code will be used to represent the combination of discounts.
  • One or all of your Magento Coupons can be linked to 1 or more Counterpoint Discount Codes.

Here is an example discount code created in Setup / Point of Sale / Discount Codes to represent a Magento discount code.  

The Discount Code will be needed when mapping to the Magento Coupon ID.