Each product is assigned to a single attribute set. An attribute set is a collection of attributes that are common to a group of similar products. Attributes can be grouped into sets so similar products can be created with the same attributes.

For example, clothing may be grouped under one attribute set with common attributes for color, size, size charts, inseams, etc., while wine may be grouped under a different attribute set with common attributes for region, variety, vineyard, wine score, etc.

You can display the common attributes for each grouping of similar products on the Additional Info tab by marking the individual attributes visible on the product view page and including the attributes within the appropriate attribute set.

To add an attribute to an attribute set, select Catalog / Attributes / Manage Attribute Sets and select the attribute set you wish to modify. Drag the unassigned attribute from the right column and drop it into an attribute group on the left. For example, to add a glove size chart to all baseball gloves, create an attribute named size_chart_baseball and then drag and drop size_chart_baseball into the General group of the hand_size attribute set. The new Size Chart field now displays on the Additional Info tab for all baseball gloves.

Once the size_chart_baseball attribute is included in the appropriate attribute set, select Catalog / Manage Products and select a baseball glove item. On the General tab, you will now see a new Size Chart field. Enter the size chart information for each baseball glove to display on the Additional Info tab.