**Special Note: The following information is provided as is to assist with setting up and testing Authorize.net with Magento. Red Rook is NOT responsible for setting up, testing or troubleshooting any payment methods in Magento. We recommend that you contact Authorize.net, your Credit Card Processor, or your Magento partner with any additional questions and problems that you may run into.**

(1) Contact your credit card processor and ask them to create an Authorize.net account

(2) Contact Authorize.net once your account has been created to get a username and password to login to your account at https://account.authorize.net/

Once Logged in you will notice that your account is in Test Mode as seen below. To take your account out of test mode click on the "Test Mode" link

Then click the button to "Turn Test OFF"

Note: Test Mode MUST be Turned Off in order to see credit card transactions from your Magento website show up in your Authorize.net account

(3) Generate an API Login Id and Transaction Key

Go to Account

Then click on API Login ID and Transaction Key

Here you will obtain your API Login ID

To obtain your Transaction Key you must answer the secret question you created when setting up your account

In the Magento Admin

Go to System/Configuration

Enter in the API Login ID and Transaction Key from the Authorize.net website

Authorize.net Payment Action Options

  • Authorize Only will get an authorization for a credit card when an order is placed
    • NO Magento Invoice is created when an order is placed
    • The credit card transaction is "captured" when an invoice is created for the order in Magento.
  • Authorize and Capture will get an authorization and capture payment for a credit card when an order is placed.
    • Magento Invoice is created automatically when an order is placed.

Running a Test Credit Card Transaction with Authorize.net

Place a test order through the Magento Admin

After Submitting the order you will notice the following comments added to the order indicating that the order has been authorized.

Verify that the transaction is showing up in your Authorize.net Account

You can Void this Authorization from within the Magento Admin by clicking on the Void button.

Note: Void will void the payment and leave the order still in a processing state requiring a payment method

The Order Comments on the order now show that the Payment Authorization has been Voided.

In Authorize.net we see that this transaction has been Voided

Note: If a credit card transaction has been Captured it can NOT be voided. Instead a Credit Memo must be issued which will create a separate transaction refunding the money.

If you which to Cancel the order completely then click on the "Cancel" button

Note: if you are having trouble getting Authorize.net to work through Magento it is a good idea to run a test transaction through Authorize.net Virtual Terminal