Magento Admin Panel: System (horizontal top menu) / Configuration / Sales section / Shipping Methods tab

Configuring table rates, requires you to first set options at the global level and then at the store level. In Magento, "global level" means making changes that affect the overall management of your online presence, especially if you have multiple sites (main site, boutique site, etc.). "Store level" indicates which of your sites is being configured. 

First, through the Magento Admin Panel, make global changes by accessing the Table Rates panel.

Magento Admin Panel: System (horizontal top menu) /Configuration / Sales Section / Shipping Methods tab / Table Rates panel. 

 NRO Table Rates Config 1

Enabled - Set to yes to allow shipping costs to be calculated by table rates.
Title - Title allows you to label custom table rates in your admin panel, so that you can quickly recognize their purpose.
Method Name - How the tables rates method will be listed in your store.
Condition - How you want table rates to be calculated. These options will be covered below.
Include Virtual Products in Price Calculation - Downloadable content is not supported by NRO.Therefore, this field is not applicable and should be set as No.
Calculate Handling Fee - If you would like a handling fee, dictate how this will be calculated (Fixed value or percent value).
Displayed Error Message - This is the message that will display to your customers, if table rates look up is not available for use.
Ship to Applicable Countries - Choose whether you will allow shipping to all countries or to specific countries.
Ship to Specific Countries - Specify which countries to ship to. To select multiple countries, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking upon the countries. Countries can be deselected by applying the same technique.
Show Method if Not Applicable - Option whether or not to display this shipping method even if it is not available.
Sort Order- The position in your shipping methods list where you want table rates to appear. This is a numerical value.

Once you have your global settings completed on the Table Lookup tab, you will need to switch to store level settings to actually define your tablelookup values for your Magento store.

At the very top left hand side of your admin panel, just below your main menu options, you will a drop down menu labeled Current ConfigurationScope. By default, the global settings are listed as Default Config. To switch to your store level settings, click the drop-down menu and click on yourmain store (Main Website).

NRO Current Config Scope

Once selected, the tables rates tab will change to show your global settings, as well as a few new options.

The first enabled feature is the Export feature, which will export a template that you can use to help you build the table look-ups in a CSV(comma separated) file. The second is the Import feature which allows you to import a completed template. The templates will vary based on yourtable rate Condition that was set in your Default Config.

NRO Table Rates Config 2

Weight vs. Destination - This condition sets the shipping price based on weight and shipping location.

Below is an example of what a filled in template for Weight Vs. Destination looks like.

NRO Table Weight Template

In the first column we have identified the country destination. This column is required even if you only ship to locations in the US. If you list a star (*)for every other location field, Magento will understand that these table rates will apply to all locations.

The second column is to identify the region or state code. By entering a code here, you will indicate to Magento that you would like to specify a differentrate to this location. This is especially helpful you ares hipping to states like Alaska or Hawaii where the overall cost of shipping would cost morethan shipping to locations in the lower 48 states.

The third column will allow you to drill down even deeper by identifying individual ZIP or postal codes that may requires added costs for shipping.

The fourth column allows you to identify your weight limits for each shipping price.

The final column allows you to identify the cost to ship the range of weight listed in the fourth column.

You can see we have identified three different weight classes to the template.. Everything from 0 to 24.99 lbs / kgs, depending on your weightsettings in your store., will cost $5. Everything 25 to 49.99 lbs / kgs will cost $10, and so on.

Price vs. Destination - This condition sets the shipping price based on the sub-total of the order.

NRO Table Price Template

# of Items vs. Destination - This condition sets the shipping price based on the number of items in the order.

NRO Table Item Template