The free shipping option lets you create a no-cost shipping alternative and configure its minimum order amount. This article explains how to set up free shipping for your Magento Go store.

Setting the Configuration Scope

Before you continue, make sure to set the correct configuration scope, if necessary.

To set up free shipping:

  1. Set Enable to Yes.
  2. Complete the remaining fields as follows:
    • Title: Type in the name of this shipping option as it will appear in checkout.
    • Method Name: Type in the shipping method type to describe the shipping rate (i.e. Free).
    • Minimum Order Amount: Type in the minimum order total that must be met in order to qualify for free shipping.
    • Displayed Error Message: Type in the error message that is displayed when this shipping option is not available.
    • Ship to Applicable Countries: Specify whether this shipping option is available for customers from all allowed countries or only specified countries.
    • Ship to Specific Countries: Specify which countries customers are allowed to use this shipping method to. Skip this step if All Allowed Countries is selected.
    • Sort Order: Type in the number value relative to other shipping methods to determine its order in the payment methods list.
  3. Click Save Config to save changes.

Note: The free shipping setting takes precedence over shopping cart rules.