We recommend installing the following free Magento extension to make it easier to modify the standard Magento emails

WYSIWYG Editor for Magento Emails

Here is a blog post that list almost every transactional email in Magento be default with samples of what they look like:

Magento Admin: System/Configuration

General/Store Email Addresses

Populate the "Sender Name" and "Sender Email" fields with the information that you want to have show up when an email is sent from Magento

Fill in the "Send Order Email Copy to" with the email address within your organization that you want a copy of all Order Email notifications to be sent to.

Note: Make sure you place test orders to ensure that the emails that are being sent from Magento are successfully delivered to the "Send Order Email Copy To" email address. If you are NOT receiving this emails please contact your Magento Hosting Provider to have them whitelist your website domain name

Select the Template "New Order" and then click "Load Template"

Give the Template Email a name like the following:

You can then modified the contents of the Transactional Email using the WYSIWG Editor

Hit "Save Template" when done

You will then see it listed in your templates

We can then apply our new "Modified - New Order" email as follows

Magento Admin: System/Configuration

Sales/Sales Emails

Transactional Email Logo