Note: Installation, Configuration and Support for any Magento Extensions will be provided by your Magento Partner.

The following information is being provided to help properly configure this extension so that orders will import properly into Counterpoint.

When looking to sell Sales Kits or Bundles in Magento it is highly recommended to use the Advanced Product Options extension from Mageworx:

This is an EXTREMELY powerful extension and requires reading the entire User Guide in order to properly setup and configure the Sales Kits or Bundles in Magento.

The most common settings are to use "Default Option SKU Policy = Independent" and "Apply Option SKU Policy to Order Only" as follows:

  • System>Configuration
  • Mageworx>Catalog

SKU Policy feature lets you determine how the SKU of purchased products with custom options will be formed in the order. The point is, if a custom option has a SKU, Magento will add it to the product’s SKU in the order. That can trigger issues if you export orders in the 3d party systems, because they won’t be able to find a product with ‘bb8100-WhiteSKU’ to update it correctly. 

Advanced Product Options offer a SKU Policy with several solutions: 

  • Replacement Mode replaces the product’s SKU with the option’s one in the order. 
  • Grouped Mode transforms custom options into separate items in the order and replaces the product with custom options. 

  • Independent Mode transforms custom options into separate items in the order to keep the product in the order. 

You can select the mode in the ‘Configuration’ tab or per each option separately. It's possible to apply the SKU Policy to the order view or to the cart and order view. Thus, you get a full control over a display of custom options with SKUs in the order. 

Note: SKU Policy doesn't create extra products in the catalog. The feature works with custom options with SKUs only. The SKU Policy can be applied to cart to display custom options as single products in the cart. ADVANCED PRODUCT OPTIONS GUIDE 33 The product linked to your main product via SKU should not have custom options. Otherwise, the SKU Policy won't be applied.

Note: Custom Option Data must be MANUALLY added in Magento. This data can not be imported from CounterPoint. This extension does allow for Templates to be setup though which allows for the same custom options to be applied to multiple products in bulk.

Here is an example item configured with Custom Options that are linked to 2 SKUs in Magento.

On the product page of the website a customer is presented with different options to choose from:

In the Shopping Cart we can see all of the components of the Sales Kit Grouped together:

When the order is submitted it will blow out this sales kit into a separate line item for every component.

When the order is imported to CounterPoint the individual components of the Sales Kit will be imported as separate line items based on the configuration of this extension.

This will allow for the inventory to be committed at the component level and also provides accurate profitability at the line item level.