Sweet Tooth Rewards is the #1 loyalty program service for Magento Ecommerce Community and Enterprise Edition. By combining the power of Sweet Tooth Rewards with Counterpoint's Loyalty Program you can super-charge your in-store offerings.

Commerce5 offers an integration between the loyalty points that are tracked in Counterpoint using the built-in loyalty program and Sweet Tooth's web-based loyalty/rewards program

  • Note: Sweet Tooth Rewards is billed as a monthly service that is based on the total number of loyalty transactions created from both online activity and Commerce5 API uploads
    • Installation, Setup, Configuration and Support of Sweet Tooth Rewards is provided by Sweet Tooth's Support Team or your Magento Support Partner

Important: The Sweet Tooth integration is not compatible with versions 1.9+ of the Sweet Tooth Rewards extension.  Commerce5 support for this integration has been discontinued.

Requirements for synchronizing loyalty points between Counterpoint and Sweet Tooth Rewards in Magento

(1) Customer must be enrolled in a loyalty program in Counterpoint.

(2) Customer must be flagged as an eCommerce customer and have a loyalty point balance greater than 0

(3) Counterpoint Customer must have already been successfully linked to a Magento Customer

  • Note: Customers are linked from either the Customer Synchronization Process or the Importing of an Order
  • Requirements for Linking: Customer must have a valid, non-duplicate email address. Customer must also have the First Name and Last Name populated in Counterpoint.

It is HIGHLY recommended that any customers that needed to be merged are addressed BEFORE running the loyalty point synchronization. The Commerce5 Customer Cleanup tools can be used to identify customers with duplicate email addresses, invalid email addresses, missing first name or last name, and invalid address information.

Initial Synchronization of Loyalty Point Balance

  • The first time a Counterpoint Customer's Loyalty Points are synchronized with Sweet Tooth a single Sweet Tooth Transaction is created for the current Counterpoint Loyalty Balance.
    • The Starting Point Balance that is uploaded is by taking the customer's current loyalty point balance minus any loyalty point transactions from the current date
    • Example: 
      • Current CounterPoint Customer Balance = 100 points
      • Customer POS Ticket from Current Day = Earns 20 points
      • Sweet Tooth Starting Point Balance Transaction = 80 points
      • Sweet Tooth POS Ticket Transaction will then be created for 20 points
      • Sweet Tooth Customer Balance = 100 points
  • Note: Sweet Tooth allows for a one time transfer of Customer's Loyalty Balances. This will allow you to upload a starting loyalty point balance for all of your customer's in Counterpoint without it counting towards your monthly Sweet Tooth transaction volume. Make sure to contact Sweet Tooth's support team ( to inform them that you will be performing a bulk upload of your Customer's starting loyalty balance on X date. They will request your Magento's web server's IP address so they can properly adjust your account.

Loyalty Point Adjustments from CounterPoint are uploaded to Sweet Tooth

  • Note: Only Loyalty Point Adjustments with a Transaction Date on or after the Starting Balance date will be uploaded to Sweet Tooth

The comment that is entered for the loyalty point adjustment in Counterpoint is assigned to the Sweet Tooth Transaction.

Note: Sweet Tooth Transaction Comments are view-able by the customer when logged into their account on the website

Loyalty Points that are earned or redeemed from POS transactions in Counterpoint are uploaded to Sweet Tooth

  • Note: Only POS transaction with a Ticket Date on or after the Starting Balance date will be uploaded to Sweet Tooth
  • Points will be uploaded for both Posted and Un-posted POS Transactions in Counterpoint

The comment that is added for POS Transactions includes the Counterpoint Ticket # + the store description where the ticket was created.

  • If a Sweet Tooth Transaction has been created for a POS transaction and that POS transaction is then Voided in Counterpoint then a reverse Sweet Tooth Transaction will be created
  • In this example we see a Sweet Tooth Transaction created for -35 points

The following is an example of what a Customer would see on their account dashboard:

Sweet Tooth Transactions Synchronization to CounterPoint

  • All Sweet Tooth Transactions that did NOT get created by Commerce5 and created AFTER the initial loyalty linking date for that customer are imported to CounterPoint as a Posted Loyalty Point Adjustment

The Sweet Tooth Transaction ID is recorded in the Document # field

The Comments on the Transaction from Sweet Tooth are recorded in the Comment field with the prefix "Sweet Tooth" to make it easy to identify the origin of the loyalty point adjustment in CounterPoint.

Counterpoint Loyalty Program Setup

  • If you are synchronizing loyalty point balances with Sweet Tooth, it is required that you create a filter in the Counterpoint loyalty earning rules that excludes consideration for line items on website orders to prevent duplicate loyalty point issuance.  Loyalty points earned by Ecommerce orders originating in Magento will be issued by Sweet Tooth and should not be issued by Counterpoint.  The following filter settings will prevent a customer from earning double points for purchases.

The Earning Rules Sales Filter needs to include the filter "Ecommerce Seq # is empty".

***If this fields doesn't already exist it can be added using the following SQL Script on the Counterpoint database***




Run the standard Counterpoint "RefreshViews.sql" script

Note: If using a replicating environment this script MUST be run on the Hub Server and all remote servers

Add the Data Dictionary Display Label to the EC_SEQ_NO field on the IM_PRC_WRK table

This prevent a customer from earning loyalty points in Counterpoint from eCommerce Purchases

Counterpoint Customer Renumbering and Merging Utilities

  • Renumbering: When Renumbering an eCommerce Customer in Counterpoint that is Enrolled in a loyalty program the Link Customer and Link Loyalty tables in Commerce5 will be automatically renumbered the next time that either the Customer or Loyalty Synchronization process is run.
  • Merging: Standard Counterpoint does NOT allow eCommerce customers to be merged. Commerce5 Professional Services is required if there is a need to merge eCommerce Customers in Counterpoint AFTER they have already been synchronized with Sweet Tooth. Note: Attempting to Merge customers could result in inaccurate loyalty point balances in both Counterpoint and Sweet Tooth.

Out of Balance Loyalty Points Handling

Under normal conditions the loyalty balance in Counterpoint will match the loyalty balance in Sweet Tooth. Under some conditions this may lead to the loyalty balances in Sweet Tooth not matching the balances in Counterpoint.  Examples of these conditions are the following:

  • Issuing point adjustments on the website before they are linked to Counterpoint and issued a Counterpoint loyalty program
  • Manually deleting a POS Transaction or Loyalty Point Adjustment in History from the Counterpoint Database
  • Manually deleting or altering a Sweet Tooth Rewards Transaction in the website database
  • Manually modifying the loyalty point balance on a customer record in Counterpoint

Any Counterpoint point adjustments having a reference starting with "SweetTooth" will be ignored by the integration.  This will allow you to adjust points in Counterpoint to match Magento without the correction adjustment applying to Magento.