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  • Populate with the website domain name (ex:
  • A different product configuration can be setup for an unlimited number of websites

Export Type

  • Specifies the tool that is being used to import product data into Magento
  • Magmi (Open Source)
  • uRapidflow (Paid Magento Extension)

Price Location

  • Controls what location is used for uploading price information to the website. If there is no location specific price record for an item the all location (*) price is used.

Qty Method

  • Qty Available
  • Qty on Hand

Qty Location Method

  • All locations
  • Stocking Location
  • Location Group

Stock Location

  • Defines what location is used for controlling what grid cells are uploaded to Magento
  • Specific grid cells can be excluded by un-stocking the Inventory Cell or changing the Status to "Inactive"

Location Group

  • This setting is enabled when Qty Location Method is set to "Location Group"
  • The qty uploaded to Magento is derived from the total qty available or total qty on hand from the locations defined in this location group

Qty Stock Threshold

  • This is a global setting that applies to all items that allows you to specify what Qty products in Magento should be marked out of stock at.
  • This is typically used to prevent overselling of products when all the products are also being sold in store simultaneously

This value should match the value in Magento for the setting "Qty for Item's Status to Become Out of Stock" which is located here:

  • System/Configuration
  • Catalog/Inventory

Attribute Set

  • Allows you to specify a field on the item table that represents the Magento Attribute Set
    • Populated with the database field name (ex: CATEG_COD represents Item Category)
  • If no value is assigned all products are assigned to the "Default" Magento Attribute Set
  • Note: The Magento Attribute Set values are case-sensitive

Name Field

  • Allows you to specify a field on the item table that represents the Magento Name

Description Field

  • Allows you to specify a field that represents the Magento Description
    • EX: to use the standard eCommerce HTML Description field in CounterPoint the value is "EC_ITEM_DESCR.HTML_DESCR"
    • EX: to use a custom field on the item table you could use "USR_MAG_DESCR"
  • Note: The Description field data is cleaned up during the upload to Magento to remove invalid special characters or replace special characters with proper HTML. If a description on the website is getting truncated this is most likely due to an invalid special character in the data. Please review the description in CounterPoint for this item to determine if there are any non-alphanumeric characters being used.

Short Description Field

  • Allows you to specify a field that represents the Magento Short Description

Meta Description Field

  • Allows you to specify a field that represents the Magento Meta Description

Meta Title Field

  • Allows you to specify a field that represents the Magento Meta Title

Barcode as SKU

  • Selected if the SKU in Magento needs to be a barcode from CounterPoint instead of the standard SKU formatting which uses Item #

SKU Barcode ID

  • When using the Barcode as SKU the Barcode Type needs to be specified
  • EX: ITEM
  • Note:¬†if there are multiple barcodes for an item or grid cells with the same Barcode Type then the first Barcode that is found will be used as the SKU. It is HIGHLY¬†recommended that all Item Barcodes be reviewed to ensure the proper Barcode is used.


  • Allows you to specify what Barcode Type contains UPC Barcodes that should be uploaded to the Magento Attribute "UPC"
  • This field is typically used for Google Data feeds that require the UPC code

Use Grid Prices

  • Enables the use of Grid Cell Specific Prices in CounterPoint to be uploaded to Magento
  • Note: Grid Cell Pricing in CounterPoint requires the Advanced Pricing Option for CounterPoint
  • Note: It the "Price Location" setting is defined then "Location Specific Grid Pricing" is used

Include Images

  • Enables the main product image to be imported
  • Uses the Image File if defined otherwise the Item# is used

Image Extension

  • Defines what the image extension is used when using the default image name of Item #
  • JPG or PNG
  • EX: 1234.jpg

Include Ecommerce Categories

  • Enabled if CounterPoint is controlling the Ecommerce Product Category Assignment
  • Note: This will copy data from the USR_MAG_CATEG_TREE field on the ITEM table and from the CATEGORIES field on the MAGENTO PARENT ITEMS table

Include Alt Units

  • When enabled all additional units for eCommerce items will be uploaded to Magento
  • When disabled ONLY the stocking unit for eCommerce items are uploaded

Item Filter

  • By Default the Product Upload ONLY includes items that are flagged as Ecommerce Items
  • During testing or when uploading different products to different website an item filter can be applied.
  • EX: Filter on specific item numbers or by a website flag