The following process should be followed if you are not using the standard Commerce5 Gift Card Integration. If you are interested in setting up the standard gift card integration please contact us for a quote to implement and train on the functionality.

Note: The Gift Card Integration ONLY supports the following Magento Gift Card Extension:

****Support for Magento Enterprise Gift Cards will be added in the future.

The SKU of the Gift Card product in Magento should be mapped to a "Non-Inventory" item in Counterpoint. This will allow an order with a gift card product to be properly imported into Magento.

In this example a $50 Gift Card product has been imported to Counterpoint and recorded as a non-inventory item on the order:

During the Release order process in Counterpoint we are going to change the release ticket and sell a Gift Card in Counterpoint.

(1) Once you have released the order and are viewing the release ticket in Counterpoint, then select the Gift Card line item and perform a price override.

(2) Change the price for this non-inventory gift card item to $0

(3) Add a Counterpoint Gift Card to the Release ticket with the same value as the original non-inventory gift card item

(4) Complete the sale

This process will allow this order in Magento to be properly invoiced and shipped because we have maintained the line item connection between the original non-inventory gift card item in Counterpoint and the gift card that was sold in Magento.

This also allows you to easily connect the new Gift Card that was sold in Magento to the original Magento order.