1. Make sure you have ionCube loader and Zip PHP installed:

  • This is installed by default if the website is hosted by Nexcess
  • There is a good chance if the site is hosted somewhere else that this is not installed.
    • You will get an error message during the uRapidflow installation process letting you know if that has not been installed
    • If it is not installed send an email to the Magento Developer or Hosting company and ask them to install these programs
  • Ion cube loader: http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php

    Zip php: http://php.net/manual/en/book.zip.php

2. Log into the Magento Admin and Disable the Magento Cache

  • Flush the Magento Cache and Cache Storage
  • If you have APC cache enabled as Magento backend cache, refresh it as well.

3. Download and install free Unirgy package manager Magento extension:


4. Upload the installer files via FTP to the corresponding path in Magento

5. Log into the Magento Admin and Flush the Magento Cache and Cache Storage

6. Go to System > Tools > Unirgy Installer

Click on "Add Licenses" tab.


6. If you wish to install purchased extensions automatically, go to     System > Configuration > Advanced > Simple Upgrades and configure local FTP,     if your web service user does not have file write permissions.

7. Go to "Manage Modules" tab. If you chose to install purchased

    6a. MANUALLY:
       Click on each "Hover/Click" link for every extension, download and install.

       Select all extensions, and choose Upgrade/Reinstall action.

8. Clear the cache and re-login to Magento admin.

Setup uRapidflow Profiles

Click Add Profile

Click Save and Continue

Make the following changes to the profile job

  • Dry Run = Yes
    • no data will actually be imported, but the import file will be validated and errors will be logged. 
  • If stock qty is 0, mark product as Out of Stock = Yes

Auto-import image files

  • Delete old image = Yes
  • Action on missing image file = WARNING and skip image field update

If Yes, will attempt to import image files from directory specified in System > Configuration > RapidFlow > Default Dirs > Images Dir.

If the configuration is relative, imported file location will be used, i.e. by default var/urapidflow/import/images.

The Products data type can import only images that are associated with product attributes, like image, small_image, thumbnail. To import gallery images, use Products Extra data type profile

Download remote HTTP images

If the images attribute contain http or https URL:

  • No - Save raw URL in image product attributes. It is template developer's responsibility to make it work on frontend.

  • Yes - Attempt to download the images into Magento's media folder during import.

Note: Image file names are Case Sensitive (for example: SHIRT.JPG is different than SHIRT.jpg)

If importing images make sure ALL image extensions are lowercase for consistency

This should always be enabled. It will create Color, Size, Brand etc attribute values on the fly

If Yes, create dropdown options for attributes that do not have yet this option. For example, if the column (attribute) is Color and new value is Blue and it doesn't exist yet for this attribute, it will be automatically created. Case insensitive and trims white spaces.

The following settings should be left alone unless there is a unique need for them

Setting Default Values for Import Columns

If ALL products are going to have the same value for a field it is easier to define in the Import Profile than adding those fields to the Import CSV File

Common fields that you can use are

  • Status = Enabled
  • Attribute Set = Default (only if you have 1 Attribute Set)
  • Tax Class = Taxable Goods (only if ALL items are taxable)
  • Visibility = Catalog, Search (only if there are NO Configurable or Grouped Products....I.E. Simple Products Only)
  • Websites = list of websites the product is valid for
    • This is NOT necessary if there is only 1 website

Automatic Reindex after Import

Choose the Indexes that you want to have Rebuilt automatically after the import completes

Common Ones when importing New Items

  • Catalog Search Index
  • Product Flat Data

Setup "Create New Products Only" Profile

Setup "Update Qty and Price" Profile

Reindex Product Prices and Stock Status

Setup uRapidflow Pro Import of Configurable Product Associations, Grouped Product Associations, Product Category Associations, etc

Give the Profile Title a Name this is meaningful

  • Ex: Import Categories and Groups

There are NO settings that need to be changed for this Profile Job