The following describes the standard functionality of the Commerce5 Product Upload. Below are examples of custom functionality that can be added to enhance your product catalog management.

CounterPoint Item # = Magento SKU

CounterPoint Gridded Items

  • CounterPoint Item # = Magento Configurable Product SKU
  • CounterPoint Item#|GRID1|GRID2|GRID3 = Magento Associated Simple Product SKUs
    • Ex: Item #: 1234 comes in Colors Black, Blue and Sizes Small, Medium
      • 1234 = Configurable SKU
      • 1234|BLACK|SMALL = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLACK|MEDIUM = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLUE|SMALL = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234|BLUE|MEDIUM = Associated Simple SKU

CounterPoint Alternate Unit Items

  • CounterPoint Item # = Magento Grouped Product SKU
  • CounterPoint Item #^UNIT = Magento Associated Simple Product SKU
    • Ex: Item # 1234 comes in CASE, 6 PACK, BOTTLE
      • 1234 = Grouped SKU
      • 1234^CASE = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234^6 PACK = Associated Simple SKU
      • 1234^BOTTLE = Associated Simple SKU

Standard Functionality Includes

  • Using CounterPoint Ecommerce Category Tree

  • Using CounterPoint HTML Description

  • Using Image file or Item Number for uploading 1 image per product

  • Upload the following fields
    • Name
    • Description
    • Primary Vendor
    • Price
    • Special Price
    • Quantity
    • New Date From and To
    • Special Price Date From and To
    • Weight
    • Tax Category
    • Freight Amount
    • Substitute Items as Related Products in Magento

List of Examples for Possible Custom Enhancements to the Product Upload Process

Note: the following requires the Magento Extension uRapidflow

  • Uploading multiple images for a product
  • Adding fields to CounterPoint Item Table for Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords
  • Dynamically assigning products to Ecommerce Categories based on Item Attributes
  • Parent-Child Items (1 Item is sold as many different products in Magento sharing the same base inventory)
  • Uploading item attributes from Profile Codes, Attribute Codes, Alphanumeric fields, Numeric fields, Date fields, or any other Custom item field
  • Color Swatch Tables (Map color options in Counterpoint to a list of valid color choices. Used for product filtering on site and data feeds to Ebay, Google, etc)
  • Tier Pricing
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Populating Custom Magento Product Attributes
  • Assigning Products to Different Magento Websites
  • Creating Bundled Products in Magento from Bill of Material or Sales Kits in CounterPoint
  • Endless additional possibilities