Occasionally the Magento Product Flat Data Index table will get stuck trying to reindex. There are a variety of reasons that can cause this.

  • Adding/Removing Magento Attributes
  • Adding/Removing/Modifying Magento Attribute Sets
  • Invalid data in Magento fields
  • etc

The following instructions should ONLY be followed by the Magento Administrator for your website who is comfortable with purging data from the Magento Database. Center State, Inc. is NOT responsible for any problems that may result from changes at the database level. If you are not comfortable with the following steps we recommend that you ask your Hosting Company or Magento Partner to perform these tasks for you.

If you are using Nexcess.net for Hosting login to Siteworx and launch PhpMyAdmin

Select your Magento Database

Under the Structure Tab-->Scroll down to the catalog_product_flat_1 table

Click on the Empty button to purge ALL records from this index table

Click OK to confirm the purging of ALL records from the catalog_product_flat_1 table

You will now notice that there are 0 records in this table.

Login back into the Magento Admin and Reindex the Data for the Product Flat Data