ShipWorks Enterprise is a Windows application designed to streamline the order fulfillment process for businesses of all sizes. With the integration between ShipWorks Enterprise and NCR CounterPoint, the software can download shipping information from NCR CounterPoint, calculate and print postage, generate labels, packing slips, and more.

Note: ShipWorks Enterprise requires a monthly service plan. All support and configuration of ShipWorks Enterprise is provided directly from the ShipWorks Enterprise team.

ShipWorks Enterprise provides unlimited support and has an extensive knowledgebase system here:

The ShipWorks Enterprise Integration with NCR CounterPoint was built using the ShipWorks Enterprise Generic Module and Red Rook’s Commerce5 Gateway.

Once the Integration has been installed orders will automatically start importing to ShipWorks Enterprise from CounterPoint every 15 minutes

Note: If you would like to change this frequency it can be changed by editing the store settings here:

An order download from CounterPoint can also be initiated manually by clicking the “Download” button

After the order download is complete you will see the CounterPoint orders in ShipWorks Enterprise as seen here:

Order Header Data Mapping

The following fields on the order header in ShipWorks are populated with data from the CounterPoint Order

  • OrderNumber
    • Note: ShipWorks Enterprise ONLY supports numeric order numbers like 1001. If the CounterPoint Order Number contains non-numeric characters (letters, symbols) then the order number is parsed into a prefix, order number, and suffix.
  • Example: CounterPoint Order #: T1000-01
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Prefix: T
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Order #: 1000
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Suffix: -01
  • Example: CounterPoint Order #: A30045
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Prefix: A
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Order #: 30045
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Suffix:
  • Example: CounterPoint Order #: A0045
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Prefix: A
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Order #: 45
      • Note: ShipWorks Enterprise strips the leading zeros from the order #. For this reason it is recommended that the order numbers from CounterPoint do NOT contain leading zeros.
      • EX: Order #10001 works well. Order #0001 will not
    • ShipWorks Enterprise Suffix:
  • StatusCode 
    • This field displays the CounterPoint Order Status of Open, Complete, or Cancelled
    • When an open orders is completed or cancelled in CounterPoint the Status Code is updated in ShipWorks Enterprise
  • CustomerID
    • A customer record is created in ShipWorks Enterprise for every unique Customer # on an order downloaded from CounterPoint
    • In ShipWorks Enterprise you can view a customer profile which includes orders, shipments, address, total spent and more

  • Note: Here are the default settings in ShipWorks Enterprise for Customer Matching and Updating that can be changed as needed under “ShipWorks Enterprise Options”

Billing & Shipping Addresses

  • The billing and shipping addresses fields are populated as seen below. If the shipping address on the order is blank then the billing address is used to populate both the shipping and billing address in ShipWorks Enterprise
  • Shipping Address Fields
    • ShippingAddress.Company
    • ShippingAddress.FullName
    • ShippingAddress.Street1
    • ShippingAddress.Street2
    • ShippingAddress.Street3
    • ShippingAddress.City
    • ShippingAddress.State
    • ShippingAddress.PostalCode
    • ShippingAddress.Country
    • ShippingAddress.Email
    • ShippingAddress.Phone
  • Billing Address Fields
    • BillingAddress.Company
    • BillingAddress.FullName
    • BillingAddress.Street1
    • BillingAddress.Street2
    • BillingAddress.Street3
    • BillingAddress.City
    • BillingAddress.State
    • BillingAddress.PostalCode
    • BillingAddress.Country
    • BillingAddress.OrderDate

  • Shipping Method
    • By Default the Shipping Method is populated with the Ship Via Code Description
    • It is recommended that you review all of the Ship Via Code Descriptions in CounterPoint

  • Shipping Total
    • Total Misc Charge on order in CounterPoint
  • Notes
    • Can be mapped to an order Gift Message or another order note in CounterPoint

Order Line Item Data Mapping

Note: Once line item data has been downloaded to ShipWorks Enterprise any changes to the line item data in CounterPoint will NOT be reflected in ShipWorks Enterprise. If you change the qty, price, or description on the order in CounterPoint the qty, price, or description will NOT be changed in ShipWorks Enterprise. If you add a new line item in CounterPoint the new line item will NOT be added to the order in ShipWorks Enterprise.

If you are frequently making changes to an order AFTER it has been downloaded to ShipWorks Enterprise then please contact the Red Rook sales team to discuss making a customization to the ShipWorks Enterprise Integration standard workflow.

  • SKU
    • CounterPoint Item #
    • For Normal Items the SKU format is: Item#
    • EX: 4567              
    • For Gridded Items the SKU format is: Item#|GRID1|GRID2|GRID3
      • EX: 1234|RED|SMALL
      • EX: 489|LARGE
      • EX: 567|BLACK|MED|WIDE
  • Name
    • Line Item Description + Cell Description
    • EX: Men’s T-Shirt (Red/Small)
  • Weight
    • Item Weight (in lbs) from Line Item
  • Quantity
    • Qty Sold
  • Unit Price
    • Price of Item
  • Location
    • Ship-From Location on the Line Item
  • Code
    • By default mapped to Item Category, but can be mapped to a different field
  • Image and Thumbnail Image
  • UPC
    • By default mapped to Item “UPC” Barcode, but can be mapped to a different barcode if needed
  • ISBN
    • Not used by default, but can be mapped to an attribute on the item record
  • Description
    • Not used by default, but can be mapped to an attribute on the item record


Tracking Numbers

When an order is shipped in ShipWorks Enterprise the Tracking Number is immediately sent back to CounterPoint and attached to the associated order.

Note: The only information that is set back to CounterPoint is the Tracking Number. If you partially shipped an order in ShipWorks Enterprise you will need to make sure that you partially release the order in CounterPoint. I.E. There is NO indication in CounterPoint which specific line items were shipped or not in ShipWorks Enterprise.

As part of the integration a custom field is added to the CounterPoint the order header labeled “Number of Tracking Numbers” that allows you to easily view and filter on orders that have a tracking number that was added by the integration.

The most common use of this custom field is to filter the batch release orders process in CounterPoint  on “Number of Tracking Numbers more than 0”.

  • Point of Sale>Batch Processing>Release

Note: By default when an order is released in CounterPoint, the tracking number(s) on the order are moved from the order to release ticket.

Voiding a Shipment/Tracking Number in ShipWorks Enterprise

The following article explains the proper process for voiding a shipment/tracking number in ShipWorks Enterprise

In order for the action of voiding a shipment/tracking number in ShipWorks Enterprise to delete the corresponding tracking number in CounterPoint a custom “Action” must be created in ShipWorks Enterprise as follows:

Note: The Void Tracking request is recorded in the CounterPoint Form

  • Point of Sale>Tracking Numbers>Interface Writebacks
  • Action Name: Void Tracking
  • When the following occurs: A Shipment is voided
  • Run these tasks: Upload shipment details