The following is an example of how a 1 dimensional gridded item works in Magento 2

This 1 Gridded Item in CounterPoint creates 6 products in Magento: 1 Parent Configurable Product with 5 Associated Simple Items.

The SKU format for these products is as follows:

  • Configurable Product: ITEM NUMBER (ex: MJ6204-01)
  • Simple Products: ITEM NUMBER|SIZE (ex: MJ6204-01|XS)

Each Size is created as a separate "Not Visible Individually" Simple Item in Magento. 

  • This allows you to sell Products with different prices for different sizes and track the Quantity for each size.

The Simple product have Visibility of: Not Visible Individually

  • This means that these simple products will NOT show up on the website front-end

The Configurable product has Visibility of: Catalog, Search

  • This means that the product shows up on the website front-end and can be found in a search

The following product attributes are used by the Configurable Product Only.

You do NOT need to populate or worry about changing these values for the Associated "Not Visible Individually" Simple Items.

  • Categories
  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords

If you click on the Configurable Product and the click on the Associated Products tab as seen below, you will then see how all 9 of the simple products are associated with this parent Configurable Product

You will then see on the front-end of your website how all the different sizes show up in a drop down list