Note: Attached to this KB article is a script that can be run by your NCR Partner to add the custom fields documented below to the Counterpoint database

By default line item product option data on an order in Magento is imported to an order in Counterpoint as a order note with note ID "PRODUCTOPTIONS". This works great if you are looking to print this data on a receipt or order form in Counterpoint, but it makes it VERY difficult to parse the data or associate line item specific production options.

If product option data needs to be printed on a receipt or order form in Counterpoint at a per line item level instead of for the entire order then the following custom fields can be added to the Counterpoint database using the attached SQL script by your NCR Partner. During the order import process if these fields exist they will be populated automatically. 


    • Raw Production Option Data for the specific line item
    • EX:: * This ticket is for me   10 x Yes
    • Product Option Data in XML format for the specific line item
    • EX: <options><Thisticketisforme>10 x Yes</Thisticketisforme></options>
    • Product Option Data in JSON format for the specific line item
    • EX: {"options":[{"This ticket is for me":"10 x Yes"}]}