This customization allows end users or support staff to dismiss order error notifications from Counterpoint without direct server or Commerce5 database access

The stored procedures are safe for offline mode and the custom table data does not need to be replicated.

Install steps:

  • Backup TLD dictionary folder
  • Confirm Counterpoint partner has a recent database backup available
  • Run installer package which updates the following:
    • Create procedure USR_MAG_LOAD_LINK_ORDERS
    • Import entries into Data Dictionary for custom objects
    • Copies custom form USR_MAG_LINK_ORDERS.xml
    • Copies custom action USR_MAG_LOAD_LINK_ORDERS.cfg


For each menu code that will get the Dismiss mod, open the menu editor

Right click on the folder you would like to add the mod to (I used Ecommerce) and create a new folder if necessary; call it Dismiss Order Errors or other intuitive name

Right click on the new folder and select New Menu Item

Use the following settings for 2 new menu items:

Load Current Errors:

Dismiss errors:  

Close the editor, and you will be prompted to save the current changes.  Choose Yes.

Use the icon to save the menu code again:

Repeat for each menu code needing the dismiss order error customization.

Rollback steps:

  • Restore data dictionary (Note:  Manual removal using dictionary editor is recommended)
  • Update SY_MENU_COD from backup (Note: Manual removal using menu editor is recommended)
  • Drop table USR_MAG_LINK_ORDERS
  • Drop procedure USR_MAG_LOAD_LINK_ORDERS

Level of impact to Counterpoint: