Adding Items to Categories

It’s a good idea to add items to multiple ecommerce categories to give shoppers more than one way to find items in your store. You can list each item in an unlimited number of categories.

For example:


Sporting Goods
>Sports Equipment
- Nike ProTour Golf Bag
- Men’s X8 Snowboard
>Sports Apparel
- Youth Baseball Jersey
Shop by Brand
- Nike ProTour Golf Bag
- YouthBaseball Jersey
- Men’s X8 Snowboard
Shop by Season
>Summer Sports
- Nike ProTour Golf Bag
- Youth Baseball Jersey
>Winter Sports
- Men’s X8 Snowboard


Using the Category Editor

Counterpoint: Setup / Ecommerce/ Categories

Select the category or sub-category folder you want to work with.

NOTE: You cannot add items to categories that contain sub-categories.

Adding Items

Add one or more items to this category:

Deleting Items

Delete one or more items from this category:


Moving Items

Move items from one category to another by cutting and pasting the items:

NOTE: Only one group of items can be held (i.e., cut) for pasting at a time. If you cut a second group of items before pasting the first group, the first selection of items will be removed from the clipboard. 

Using Inventory / Items

Counterpoint: Inventory / Items

Select Inventory/ Items and locate the item.

Click  on the Ecommerce tab to open the Ecommerce Category Assignments form.