Testing is one of the most important steps in any company’s successful launch of a new website.

Below is a list of common testing scenarios that may or may not apply to your website, but should help guide your team in performing as much testing as possible. Please feel free to add on to this list and provide those test results back to your Project Manager.

Remember: The more you test the better experience your customers will have.

Example Test Scenarios:

Cross Browser and Mobile Testing

  • It is important to perform Front end testing on various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Various features and page layouts can look different depending on the browser a customer is using
  • Mobile Testing on Android, iOS and Tablet Devices
  • Responsive Design is CRITICAL to conversion and should be tested just as much if not more than the desktop view.

Customer Testing:

  • Create new customer account
  • Test using your companies email and external email address. Depending on your hosting environment and email service some email providers may block emails.
    • Company Email Address
    • Gmail Address
    • Yahoo Address
    • AOL Address
    • etc
    • Confirm that you received a “Welcome Email”
    • Does the format/content of this “Welcome Email” match your company’s brand?
  • Test the “Forgot your password” functionality
    • Confirm that you receive the forgot password email and are able to login with your new password
  • Customer Upload
    • If uploading customers from Counterpoint to Magento 2 make sure that customers and address data is created properly
    • Confirm that customers are assigned to the correct “Customer Group” in Magento 2 based on the Customer Category/Profile Code in Counterpoint.

Newsletter Sign-Up

  • Test newsletter sign-up to make sure they are added to your email marketing service.
  • Note: By default the Magento newsletter functionality will add a customer’s email into Magento’s built-in newsletter database. Most websites are using Mailchimp, Bronto, Listrack, etc. for their email marketing service. You will need to make sure the newsletter signup is connected to the appropriate service.

Checkout Order Testing (minimum 30+ orders recommended)

  • Place test orders as a Guest and as a Logged in Customer
  • Test orders for every payment method
    • Credit Cards (Every credit card type should be tested)
      • American Express
      • Discover
      • Mastercard
      • Visa
    • Authorize.net CIM Credit Card Tokenization
      • If using a tokenization service make sure that the credit cards are being saved properly into your account
      • Test a reorder using a credit card that is saved on file
    • Paypal Express Checkout
    • Amazon Payments
    • Purchase Order (Net Terms)
  • Login to your payment gateway (Authorize.net, Paypal, etc)
    • Verify that you see all test transactions
  • Review your fraud detection settings
    • Authorize.net fraud settings are in Authorize.net
    • Signifyd is an optional fraud detection service
  • Test orders for EVERY shipping method
    • UPS Shipping
    • UPS Ground
    • UPS 2 Day
    • UPS 3 Day Select
    • UPS Worldwide
    • Free Shipping
    • International Shipping
    • Bongo
    • Global Checkout
    • Store Pickup
  • Test order should be placed for EVERY store pickup location
  • Test order for every tax scenario
    • Order for every state that you collect taxes in
    • Order to NY, GA, CA, FL etc
    • Order for states our countries that you do NOT collect taxes in to make sure it does not charge tax
    • Order for store pickup locations to make sure it charges the correct tax
    • Order for customers that are Tax Exempt to confirm they are not charged tax
    • Orders for products that are taxed differently
    • EX: In NY Clothing tax is different than Non-Clothing Tax
    • Test orders for different customer price levels
  • Test orders for different types of customers
    • Member Pricing
    • Wholesale Pricing
    • Employee Pricing
  • Test orders for different promotions
    • Test orders using shopping cart price rules
    • Test orders using coupon codes
    • Mix-Match Price Rules working properly
    • Buy-One-Get-One Pricing
    • Free Gifts with purchase
  • Confirm that you have received the order confirmation email and that it contains accurate information about your company and return policies.

Review Test Order Data in Counterpoint

  • All test orders are imported to Counterpoint and mapped correctly:
    • Pay Code
    • Tax Code
    • Ship Via Code
    • Store
    • Drawer
    • Station
    • Inventory Location
    • User
    • Sales Rep
    • Customer Number

Process Orders in Counterpoint

  • Release orders in Counterpoint
    • Full Order Release
    • Partial Order Release
      • Release partial line item qty
      • Release part of the line items and backorder remaining lines
    • Split Line Items to be shipped from multiple inventory locations
      • Note: This requires copying the EC Seq # value to the new line items in order for them to be invoiced/shipped on the website properly
  • Post Orders and Release Tickets to Sales History to make sure there are no errors during posting
  • Review Accounting Distributions Report for posted Web Sales with your Accounting department to confirm the Debits and Credits are being made to the correct GL Accounts
  • Test Shipping Integration with Counterpoint using imported web order data
    • UPS Worldship, Fedex Ship Manager, Shipworks Integration etc
    • Test that all Ship Via Codes on imported orders have been mapped properly (Ex: Ground, Overnight, 2DAY, etc)
    • Verify that Tracking Numbers are being added to the order/release ticket in Counterpoint

Shipments and Tracking Numbers on Website

  • Confirm that shipments are created correctly on the website and that tracking numbers have been uploaded
  • Confirm that shipments emails are sent out automatically to the customer and contains the tracking number or link to allow a customer to track their order
  • Note: It is recommended to test tracking numbers using a real tracking number so that you can confirm that UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc are returning real tracking details. Perform a test by actually clicking on the “Track Your Order” link in a customer’s account on the front end and in the Magento Admin

Refunds/Credit Memos

  • Test refunding a customer’s order through Magento by creating a Credit Memo
    • Note: You can only refund an order the day after the payment has been captured and settled
  • If using RMAs on the website
    • Test creating a request for an RMA from the front end
    • Test processing an RMA from the Magento Admin and converting into a Credit Memo
  • Create a Validated Return in Counterpoint to put the returned item back into stock.

Order Editing

  • Test editing an order in the Magento Admin
  • Test editing an order that is paid via Credit Card to confirm that the credit card token is copied over to the new order
  • Test editing a Paypal order to confirm that Paypal information is copied over to the new order

Order Cancellations

  • Test Cancelling and Order in Magento and confirm that the order is Cancelled in Counterpoint
  • Test Cancelling an Order in Counterpoint and confirm that the order is cancelled in Magento
  • Test performing a partial release on an order in Counterpoint and then cancelling the order for the line items that will never ship. Confirm that the order is partially invoice/shipped in Magento and that the remaining line items are cancelled.

Now that you have completed your first full round of testing, any tests that have failed or you would like to discuss in more detail should be communicated to your Project Manager. Your Project Manager will then assign a task to your Magento Developer, NCR Partner or Red Rook Commerce5 Integration Specialist to address.


Example testing feedback format:

  • Order Testing Results:
    • Magento Order # 100000456 with Shipping Method “UPS Overnight” is mapped to the wrong Ship-Via Code in CounterPoint
    • Should be mapped to: UPS-1DAY
    • Magento Order #100000460 charged the wrong tax during checkout
    • Should have charged $3.57

Once an issue has been addressed it is important that your team goes back and tries that test scenario again to confirm that the fix/change works as desired.

Once all tests have passed please sign-off on the “Test Scenarios Completed” task on the Pre-Go Live Checklist Document.