You Made It! This is the big day when you get to share your amazing new website with the world.  To help ensure you provide the best possible shopping experience for your customers while keeping all of those SEO Bots (particularly Google) happy, we have put together the following checklist.

This checklist is 100% for your benefit and does NOT need to be signed and sent back to Red Rook like you did with the Pre-Go Live Checklist.

There are going to be a number of other tasks that your company and Magento Developer will be performing today, but hopefully this help serve as a reminder of some of the most common/important things that should be addressed.

Combined Customer and Magento Developer Tasks

  • If you have an existing eCommerce website, then make sure it is put into Maintenance mode to prevent customers from placing orders on your old website while the DNS propagates to your new website
  • Change your DNS records to point to the new website.
    • Note: DNS records can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours to fully propagate around the globe. In most cases DNS records should be fully propagated in a few hours.
    • You can monitor the progress of the DNS propagation around the world be entering your website domain name here:

Customer Tasks


Once your website is accessible using your production domain name:

  • Make sure your local network DNS is updated for the new website. Some servers or firewalls need to be restarted or have their DNS manually flushed for you to see the new website from your office/store.
  • Place a live order for each payment method to confirm that the checkout is working properly with your production domain name and SSL certificate.
    • Live Order for Paypal, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Payments, etc
  • Check to make sure that you received the order confirmation email
  • Test 301 redirects from old website to new website
  • Test Product Shopping Feeds such as Google Shopping
  • Confirm that money is going into your bank account
  • Make Sure Google Analytics is connected to your Website
  • Monitor and fix any 404 Errors reported by Google Analytics. Your Magento Developer can help show you how to fix these 404 Errors

Magento Developer Tasks

  • Enable Secure URLs in Frontend and Admin
    • Stores>Configuration
    • General>Web
    • Secure Tab
  • Review the Robots.txt file to make sure it is referencing your production domain name sitemap file
  • Verify that your SSL certificate is working properly on the new website by entering your domain name into the SSL Checker:
  • Manually Generate the Sitemap.xml file and then review the Sitemap.xml file to make sure it references the production domain name
  • Make sure the Sitemap.xml is configured to be updated daily

  • Enable Sitemap.xml to be added to the Robots.txt file

Red Rook Implementation Team Tasks

  • Test Commerce5 connection to production website domain name using HTTPS (SSL Certificate)
  • Import Live Website Orders into Counterpoint Production Database
  • Confirm that product import to the website is running properly
  • Confirm Email Notifications are setup for Commerce5 Errors
  • Keep in mind that any Commerce5 Errors will be emailed to your company’s webmaster and the Red Rook Support Team.

For the first week after Go Live your Red Rook Project Manager will continue to serve as the primary contact for any support related issues.

Transition to Red Rook Support Team

After 1 week running live on Commerce5 a member of the Red Rook Customer Service team will reach out to you to review your Commerce5 implementation and to introduce the Red Rook support team.