Note: The following Pre-Go Live Checklist will be sent to your team by a Red Rook Project Manager via Docusign. That document will need to be signed BEFORE the integration.

Pre Go-Live Checklist

Congratulations! All of your hard work is paying off and you now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  To get you ready for the big day when your reveal your amazing new website to the world, we have put together the following checklist to help you and your Magento Developer make sure that your Go Live goes as smoothly as possible.

Please work with your Magento Developer to complete this checklist and send back to your Red Rook Project Manager. On successful completion of this checklist your Commerce5 integration will be switched from Trial Mode to Production.

This Checklist has been broken up into 3 sections:

  • Customer Tasks
  • Magento Developer Tasks
  • Red Rook Tasks

Customer Tasks

  • Verify that the Magento Order Numbers do NOT conflict with any existing Ticket Numbers in Counterpoint. If you would like to change the Magento Order Numbers we recommend using the following Magento Extension:
  • If you are using, login to your account to make sure it has been taken out of “Test Mode”
  • All Magento Security Patches have been installed.
  • Website Speed Test has been run and optimization recommendations have been completed
  • All test products and test customers have been deleted out of Magento
  • All test promotions and shopping cart price rules in Magento have been deleted
    • Magento Admin: Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rule
    • Magento Admin: Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules
  • Transactional Emails have been tested and meet your company’s requirements
    • Common emails to check
      • Order Confirmation Emails
      • Invoice Emails
      • Shipment Emails contain Tracking Numbers or Link to Track Orders
      • Credit Memo Emails
      • New Customer Welcome Email
      • Forgot Password Email
  • Ensure all the store information (Company Name, Address, Phone #) and email addresses are configured properly.
    • You will be able to find these in Stores → Configuration → General → Store Email Addresses.
  • Counterpoint and Commerce5 Database Backup and Maintenance
    • Verify that Database Backups, Re-indexing, Updating Statistics, and Shrinking of the Counterpoint and Commerce5 Databases are scheduled to run at least once a week. Your IT team or NCR Counterpoint Partner will be able to assist you with this.
    • Note: A heavily fragmented database may result in Commerce5 operations to timeout preventing proper operation of the integration.
  • Test 301 redirects from old website to new website
  • Make sure that there is a plan to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS for ALL Pages using a 301 Redirect at Go Live
  • Product Shopping Feeds such as Google Shopping have been setup and tested.
  • Newsletter Subscriptions have been setup and tested
  • Test Orders have been placed on the website for every Shipping Method, Payment Method and Tax Scenario. These test orders have been successfully imported to the Counterpoint Practice Company and reviewed for accuracy.
  • Any Commerce5 Customizations that were purchased have been installed and tested
  • Your Magento Developer or Webmaster has access to your domain name (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) in order to change the DNS record to your new website during Go-Live


  • Magento Extension License for the Production Domain Name have been purchased and applied to the website. Every Magento Extension has different licensing requirements.
    • Rapidflow Product Import License:
    • System>Unirgy Installer
    • The Rapidflow License needs to be valid for your production domain name

Magento Developer Tasks


Red Rook Implementation Team Tasks

  • Switch Commerce5 Registration from Trial Mode to Production
  • Commerce5 Monthly Service fee will begin based on your Commerce5 contract.



After receiving your signed Pre-Go Live Checklist your Red Rook Project Manager will be sending you a Go-Live Checklist to help guide you on the common tasks that should be performed by all parties on the day that your new website goes live.

Your Red Rook Project Manager will schedule a member of the Commerce5 Implementation Team to monitor and test the Commerce5 integration on your confirmed Go-Live Date.

Keep in mind that any Commerce5 Errors will be emailed to your company’s webmaster and the Red Rook Support Team.

For the first week after Go-Live your Red Rook Project Manager will continue to serve as the primary contact for any support related issues.