Counterpoint: Inventory / Items

You can sell all of your items online, or you can sell a subset of your items. Each item you decide to sell in your online store requires setup. The amount of setup depends upon which Magento features you want to use in your online store.

For every item that you sell online, you can:

  • Add a detailed item description
  • Add an image
  • Assign a weight to use for shipping charges
  • Specify whether or not the item can be discounted
  • Specify whether or not to charge tax on the item
  • List the item in one or more categories
  • Identify and link to related items

TIP: Start with a small group of your best-selling items in multiple ecommerce categories and continue to add more groups of items later.

Select Inventory / Items and locate the item you want to include in your online store. On the Ecommerce tab, check the Ecommerce item box to designate this item as an ecommerce item. Enter additional information, edit the item’s ecommerce description, assign this item to one or more categories, etc.

TIP:To print a list of all items that have been marked as ecommerce items, select Ecommerce/ Reports / Ecommerce Items. You can optionally print item descriptions and/or the category assignments.

Update Other Item Fields As Needed

Counterpoint: Inventory / Items

Depending on your plans for your online store, you may need to add or update other information in the Counterpoint item record.

Item Descriptions

Item descriptions are one of the most important parts of your online store.A good item description should accurately describe the item, including its size, color, suggested uses, ingredients, materials, how/where it’s made, etc. Item descriptions should be straight-forward and honest. Most importantly, they should include the key words and phrases people are most likely to use when searching for your products. Keywords should be similar to those used in your meta information.

TIP: Keyword-dense product descriptions help increase your site’s organic search engine ranking and improve your customers’ overall shopping experience.


Each item description can be up to 6,240 characters in length.

Item descriptions may include HTML formatting. The item description must be entered on one line and cannot contain any line breaks. It can wrap to the next line in your word processor, but do not press Enter in the middle of a long description! If you need line breaks in your long description, you must insert appropriate HTML code, such as a <BR>or <P>tag.

DO NOT use double quotes in HTML formatting entered in Counterpoint! If you must use quotes, use single quotes.

In Counterpoint, you can enter item descriptions for each item one at a time, or you can create all item descriptions in a text file and import them into Counterpoint.

Entering an Item Description 

Description: Inventory / Items

Select Inventory/ Items and locate the item.

Click on the Ecommerce tab and enter or edit the long description.

TIP: You can copy and paste descriptions directly into this area.