Disclaimer: Database maintenance tasks are outside of the scope of support. The following information is provided as-is and not warrantied.

What does this mean?

Your database is stored primarily in two files: the data file and the log file. As data is added and modified, these files grow as needed. We recommend that you have as much free space on the drive as the database takes up (i.e. if you have a 10GB database, you should have at least 10GB of free space available).

Why is this important?

If the drive that your database files are stored on no longer has any free space, the files will not be able to grow. This will cause an IMMEDIATE halt to all database activity, preventing any users from using CounterPoint.

How are problems identified?

We check the drive or drives that hold both the log and data files. These must have at least as much free space as the database takes up. If there is less than 1GB of free space, that is considered an urgent problem.

How do I fix this?

Free up space on the drives involved. There are several options:

  • Move unnecessary files to another computer or drive
  • Ensure that your logs are being maintained with an appropriate backup strategy
  • Add hard disk space
  • Separate the data and log files, if multiple drives are available.
  • Ensure that your log file is being kept small by using a periodic backup process.

Consult an IT professional to determine which of the above strategies makes the most sense for your organization.