Magento: Stores / Configuration / Sales / Shipping Methods

If you have already established a FedEx account, you can configure Magento to work with your negotiated FedEx rates. 

To configure Magento to work with your FedEx account, select Stores / Configuration / Sales / Shipping Methods and enter your FedEx account information on the FedEx tab:


FedEx Account Information

Before you can configure Magento to work with FedEx, you must obtain the following information from FedEx: 

FedEx Account Information
Account ID #
The account number provided by FedEx when you created your account.
Key #
The authentication key provided by FedEx that allows Magento to access your FedEx shipping rates. Learn more about obtaining your authentication key in the following section.
Meter Number
The meter number provided by FedEx. Learn more about obtaining a valid meter number in the following section.  
The production password generated by FedEx that’s used for accessing your rates. This is NOT the same password used to log into your FedEx account. Learn more about obtaining your password in the following section.


Obtaining Your FedEx Account Information


If you have not yet signed upfor a account, visit:


You must also register for a FedEx Web Services Account. When you register for the FedEx Web Services Account, you must provide the account number from your account.


To obtain yourFedEx account information:


  1. Log into your FedEx accountat
  2. Select Learn / Developer Resource Center from the menu bar:



  1. Select Technical Resources / FedEx Web Services for Shipping / Move to Production from the left navigation:



  1. Clickon Obtain Production Key at the bottom of the Move to Production page:



  1. On the FedEx Web Services Production Access registration screen, use the following values: 

  1. Accept the licensing agreement and enter your contact info and developer info (if applicable).
  2. Your Authentication Key (FedEx Key #) and Meter Number (FedExMeter #) are displayed at the bottom of the Confirmation page. You will also receive an email from FedEx containing other necessary information. Save your authentication key and confirmation email from FedEx in a secure location. NOTE: The authentication key is only visible online and will not be included in the confirmation email from FedEx.