Commerce5>Gridded Items>Gridded Attribute Mapping

When a Gridded Item that is flagged as an Ecommerce item is created or modified all of the Unique Grid Dimension Values are added to the Gridded Attribute Mapping table

Note: If you need to change the grid dimension tags please use the "Commerce5 Change Item Grid Tag" function

It is recommended that you view the Gridded Attribute Mapping form in Table View.

In this example you will see that all of the UNIQUE colors and sizes for gridded items.

Example: If the Color "BLACK" is being used by 100+ Gridded Items you will ONLY see 1 Gridded Attribute Mapping record in this table

You can then populate the "Magento Value" and "Magento Filter Value" columns.

  • Magento Value = the value that will get uploaded to Magento and will be displayed to the customer
  • Magento Filter Value = the value that will be used in Layered Navigation
    • Ex: Color Family or Color Swatch
      • Dark Brown is assigned to the Color Family "Brown"

Here is an example to show where these Magento Values would be displayed on the website for these Gridded Items.

Here is an example of where the "Color Family" Values (Magento Filter Values) are displayed in the Layered Navigation of the website

If you have a lot of Grid Dimension Values or Tags we recommend filtering the values that are displayed by clicking on the "Filter" button

You will then have a smaller set of data to work with:

Sorting by the Magento Value column to find CP Value's that have not been mapped:

  • Right Click on the column header "Magento Value" and click on "Sort ascending"

We can now easily see all the records with a blank Magento Value displayed at the top of our list.