The "CPOnline" folder will never need to be looked at our reviewed again.

  • This is only used by the NRO Integration Agent

Order Numbers in Counterpoint:

  • When Commerce5 imports an order from Magento the order number in Magento is used as the order number in Counterpoint. This way the order number in Counterpoint and Magento are always the same!
  • When NRO imported an order the order number that was assigned was auto-incremented based on the next order number specified within Counterpoint.

Customer Linking and Creation in Counterpoint

Product Upload

Ecommerce Category Tree

  • Commerce5 only assigns products that are visible on the front end of the website to the category tree in Magento. 
    • I.E. Visibility of "Catalog, Search", "Search", and "Catalog"
  • This greatly reduces the number of records in the product/category index table in Magento and the number of URL rewrite records when gridded items/configurable products are being used on the website. This has the added benefit of also reducing the amount of time and overhead associated with reindexing products and categories in Magento.
  • Note: If there are Shopping Cart Price Rules in Magento that are based on the category that an item is in they may not work properly since the associated simple products are not assigned to a category. It is recommended to update these price rules to based off of product attributes instead of category.


  • Commerce5 applies all discounts from a Magento order as "Line Item Discounts" in Counterpoint which provides for accurately profitability reporting per line item and makes Validated Returns easier as you are able to accurately refund the correct line item amount.
  • NRO applied discounts at the order level instead of line item level