There are multiple licenses available for the Magento 2 Extension, uRapidflow Professional.

The most common license that is used is a Single Domain uRapidflow Professional License

Note: Make sure you purchase a license under the Magento 2.x tab

This extension is licensed by domain name and is valid for ANY subdomains

  • If you are using 1 Magento instance powering multiple websites then you only need to purchase 1 Single Domain license.
  • If you are using MULTIPLE separate Magento instances then you can either purchase a 3 Domain license or multiple single domain licenses as needed.

Note: Installation of the uRapidflow Professional Extension should be performed by your Magento developer. If the Magento developer is unable to perform this installation then we recommend that you purchase the Installation service from Unirgy.

Installation Instructions

Read this Extremely Helpful Installation Article

Note: It is HIGHLY recommended that your Magento 2 Hosting is configured to used PHP 7. Please check with your hosting provider to confirm that PHP 7 is installed BEFORE installing the uRapidflow Professional Extension

Installation Confirmation

You can confirm that installation was successful by going to: System/Rapidflow

You should see the following Rapidflow Profile Manager screen

After confirming that this screen is accessible please notify your Red Rook Project Manager. A Commerce5 Implementation Specialist will then setup the appropriate Rapidflow Profiles based on the product import requirements for the project.

Permanent License Key Activation

Note: In order for Unirgy to issue a PERMANENT license for uRapidflow Professional an email needs to be sent to providing both the development and production domain names for the website.


Example Email to


After Unirgy activates the Permanent License Key for uRapidflow Professional you can update the license in the Magento Admin as follows:

Go to: System>Tools>Unirgy Installer

Click the "Refresh Licenses" button. this should update the license with the Development and Production URLs and the support period should be extended at least a year based on the support package that was purchased.