When a customer places an order online Commerce5 will import the order to Counterpoint and attempt to link the order to an existing Counterpoint ecommerce customer based on a match to the Email 1 field. If there customers with duplicate accounts/email addresses, Commerec5 will associate the order with the first instance it encounters. To ensure customer orders are associated with the correct instance of a customer, it is recommended that duplicate email addressed are removed.

To make this easier, Commerce5 now includes a form in Counterpoint that identifies customers that have a duplicate email address. If these customers in Counterpoint are actual duplicates then it is recommended that they be merged using Counterpoint's Customer Merge Utility or by unflagging the unneeded duplicates from being ecommerce customers.

Commerce5 > Customer Clean-Up > Customers with Duplicate Email Address

  • This form includes the following fields to help make it easy to identify which customer to merge into:
    • Name
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Address Info
    • First Sale Date and Last Sale Date
    • Category
    • Ecommerce Customer Flag

Note: Most commonly merchants will want to keep the customer with the most recent last sale date as this customer record likely has the most up to date contact information.

Note - This data is most easily viewed in the table view:

Customers > Utilities > Merge Customers

Note: Counterpoint does NOT allow you to Merge eCommerce customers. When attempting to merge an eCommerce customer the following error message is displayed in the Customer Merge Utility

To get around this limitation you will need to unflag a customer as an eCommerce customer, merge the customer and then reflag the customer as an eCommerce customer


Optional Duplicate Email Address Error Checking

AFTER the customers with duplicate email addresses have been merged in Counterpoint there is an optional Customer trigger ( USR_AR_CUST_INS_UPD.sql )that is attached to this KB article that can be installed by your NCR Partner which will prevent customers from being created in Counterpoint with a duplicate email address moving forward. This is a great way to help keep the customer database clean and notify staff when they are creating a new customer that there is already another customer in Counterpoint that has the same email address.

When the duplicate email error checking is added the following error message will be displayed when trying to add a duplicate email address.

In this example there are 2 customers with the same email address

In this example there are 3 customers with the same email address

Note: Any changes that are requested to the logic or format of this duplicate email address maintenance or the duplicate email error checking trigger will require professional services