When a customer places an order online, Commerce5 will create an order in Counterpoint and attempt to link the order to an existing customer using the customer's email address. If a customer has an invalid email address, Commerce5 will be unable to link the customer with their order. 

To assist in cleaning up invalid email addresses, Commerce5 now includes a form in Counterpoint that identifies customers that have an invalid email address.

This form will identify any email addresses that do NOT adhere the following pattern:

  • characters@characters.characters

This means that if an email address is missing the @ or a period it will show up in this list as an invalid email address

  • Examples:
    • elizabeth@gmail,com is invalid because there is a comma instead of a period
    • elizabeth2gmail.com is invalid because there is a 2 instead of an @

Note: This form is NOT meant to verify if an email address is legit or not, but instead to identify email addresses that do not follow a common email format

Commerce5 > Customer Clean-Up > Customers with Invalid Email Address

Note: Any changes that are requested to the logic or format of this invalid email address maintenance form will require professional services

Often the invalid emails contain an obvious typo that can be easily corrected, other times it may be better to clear the email address field if no legitimate email was given.