Commerce5 now includes a form in Counterpoint that identifies customers that have a duplicate phone 1. If these customers in Counterpoint are actual duplicates then it is recommended that they be merged using Counterpoint's Customer Merge Utility.

Note: Phone number is not used a unique identifier by Commerce5, this form is solely to help identify potential duplicate customer records.

Note: Duplicate Phone 1 is identified by stripping all special characters and spaces in the phone number.

  • Example: 321-456-7788 and 321-4567788 are considered duplicates

Commerce5 > Customer Clean-Up > Customers with Duplicate Phone 1

  • This form includes the following fields to help make it easy to identify which customer to merge into
    • Name
    • First Name and Last Name
    • Address Info
    • First Sale Data and Last Sale Date
    • Category
    • Ecommerce Customer Flag

Note: Most commonly merchants will want to keep the customer with the most recent last sale date as this customer record likely has the most up to date contact information.

Customers > Utilities > Merge Customers

Note: Counterpoint does NOT allow you to Merge eCommerce customers. When attempting to merge an eCommerce customer the following error message is displayed in the Customer Merge Utility

To get around this limitation you will need to unflag a customer as an eCommerce customer, merge the customer and then reflag the customer as an eCommerce customer