Ecommerce categories assigned in Counterpoint are used to create and populate the navigation and categories on your Magento website. It is very important to have each of your ecommerce products assigned to an ecommerce category because without a category, customers will not be able to find your products by browsing using the navigation, which is the primary was customers find products.

You can access the ecommerce category tree in Counterpoint by navigating to Setup > Ecommerce > Categories. This will display your category tree and allow you to add individual items or bulk add multiple items to categories.

If your Category tree has not been set up yet, consider consulting with your Web Developer or an SEO expert to help determine the most logical and SEO friendly category structure for your website.

More tips on Setting up your ecommerce category tree can be found here:

To help identify ecommerce items missing a category, Commerce5 includes the View Ecommerce Items Missing Category form.

Commerce5 > Item Cleanup > View Ecommerce Items Missing Category

Example: We can see that item 1230 has NOT been assigned to an Ecommerce category.