When launching a new website using Commerce5 it is common for the Magento Developer or SEO company to recommend making changes to the structure of the existing CPOnline of NRO Ecommerce category tree,

Commerce5 includes the ability to create multiple category trees in Counterpoint for different websites. In the following example we will show you how you can create a new Ecommerce Category tree that will be used for the new Magento website without affecting the current Ecommerce category tree that is being used by CPOnline or NRO.

The new Magento category tree can be created in Counterpoint by creating a new folder with the website domain name like www.mywebsite.com

  • Then build out the brand new category tree underneath this top level www.mywebsite.com category
  • Only the New Magento Category Tree will be uploaded to the New Magento Website
  • Note: You will need to hide this new website category tree on the CPOnline or NRO website.

Here is an example of how only the New Category Tree in Counterpoint has been uploaded to Magento.

In order to prevent the new website categories from being displayed on your CPOnline website, login to the CPOnline portal and hide the new website category tree as seen here: