As part of the NRO Migration process to Commerce5 it is critical that all Magento SKUs have been linked properly to items, grid cells and alternate units in Counterpoint.

NRO used a unique SKU format when uploading Gridded Item Cells and Alternate Units to Magento.

Example: The main parent Item # SVL7316 is used as a prefix for the associated grid cells and then assigned a unique suffix for each size/width variation. This SKU format creates a number of issues when certain changes are made to the Grid Cells or Alternate units in Counterpoint.

NRO Gridded Item SKU Example:

Commerce5 solves this challenge by using the following format for Gridded Items.

  • Example
    • SVL7316|7|W
    • SVL7316|7.5|W
    • SVL7316|8|W
    • SVL7316|8.5|W

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There are 2 options for updating the existing product SKUs in Magento to the new Commerce5 format.

  • Note: If Gridded items and Alternate Units are NOT currently being used on the NRO website then there is NO need to perform any changes to the SKU format in Magento as all the SKUs will already match the Item # in Counterpoint.

One of the following two processes will be tested using a copy of the live NRO database BEFORE the official Go-Live NRO Migration. Testing of the website using the new Commerce5 SKU format can then be performed by all parties.

Note: During the official Go-Live NRO Migration the option that is chosen will need to be performed against the production NRO database BEFORE the website can go live on the new website host.

Option 1: Using the NRO Integration Agent Database a Commerce5 Implementation Specialist can generate a Renumbering.csv file feed that contains the old NRO SKU and the new Commerce 5 SKU


  • NRO SKU: SVL73160000254368
  • Commerce5 SKU: SVL7316|7|W

This Renumbering.csv file can then be imported using Rapidflow to very quickly bulk change the SKUs in Magento to the new Commerce5 format

Note: This process works great when the data in the NRO database is CLEAN (i.e. consolidated Magento Attributes, Attribute Sets and values). If the data is NOT clean we recommend going with option #2.

Option 2: Bulk Delete ALL products in Magento using Rapidflow and perform a FULL product import from Counterpoint using Commerce5

  • The benefit of this approach is that you can be confident that you are starting with a clean website database which can help with website performance and provide a better front end shopping experience.

Process for Bulk Deleting Products in NRO Database and Reimporting Clean