When migrating your NRO website to Commerce5 one of the options to links all SKUs in Magento to Counterpoint and at the same time bulk clean up data in the NRO database is to perform a bulk deletion of all products in Magento and reimport using Commerce5.

The decision to go this route vs renumbering the SKUs in Magento is mostly commonly driven by the number of attributes and attributes sets that were created in the NRO database.

Having a large number of attributes and attribute sets makes it difficult to manage data in the Magento Admin and also makes it challenging to implement effective layered navigation, SEO, and data feeds to marketplaces and Google Shopping.

In the following example we can see that 37 attribute sets have been created in the NRO database. The reason that there are some many attribute sets is that the NRO integration agent would dynamically created new attribute sets on the fly for every grid tag combination. If grid tags were misspelled like in the following examples: color/size, color/size2, color/sizes then multiple attributes sets would be created.

Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets

Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes

You can also check the number of custom product attributes that have been created in the NRO database by filtering on "System = No". In this example having 98 product attributes creates unneeded complexity and overhead.

The following process can be performed by a Commerce5 Implementation Specialist for Bulk Deleting all Products in Magento and Reimporting using Commerce5

  • Create a new Export Rapidflow Profile
    • Export Products to Delete

This will generate the Delete.csv file in the "var/urapidflow/export" folder on the Magento Server

Sample "Delete.csv" file

This "Delete.csv file then needs to be transferred from the "var/urapidflow/export" folder to the "var/urapidflow/import" folder

A new import products extra profile can then be setup to Import the "Delete.csv" file which will bulk delete all products.

After all products have been deleted in Magento it is recommended that a full product reindex is performed.

System > Index Management

Once the full reindex is complete the Commerce5 full product import can be run.

Note: It is recommended that any attributes and attribute sets that are no longer being used be deleted in Magento.