The Commerce5 Auto Drop-Ship Mod allows for line items on imported web orders to be automatically drop shipped in NCR Counterpoint based on a "Drop-Ship" flag on the item record and available inventory.



  • The Commerce5 Ship-From Store/Warehouse Mod is compatible with both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x Community & Enterprise

Example Web Orders where item # TITPROV1PDD was auto drop shipped.

The Drop-Ship Purchase Request was created in the "DROPSHIP" Batch and is linked to the original Web Order # 100151884

The Drop Ship line item on the web order is the only product added to the Drop Ship Purchase Request as seen here:


Note: Line items on a web order can be configured to be drop-shipped as follows

  • When an item is flagged as a drop-ship item, then ALWAYS drop-ship the item
  • when an item is flagged as a drop-ship item, then ONLY drop-ship the item if there is insufficient quantity available at the inventory location where the web order is being imported

Drop-Ship Item Maintenance

  • Items that should be auto drop shipped are flagged on an item record as seen here: 

Setup > System > Company

  • Allow Drop Shipments needs to be enabled on the "Other" tab

Setup > Purchasing > Control

  • A Purchasing Request Batch needs to be defined for the Drop-Ship Purchase Request
  • Note: Most commonly this is setup to use batch "DROPSHIP"

Setup > Point of Sale > Security Codes

  • The Counterpoint user that is used for importing Web orders must be granted the Point of Sale Security Permission of "Allow drop-ship lines"