NCR Tasks

  • Put NRO website into Maintenance Mode to prevent customers from placing any additional orders
  • Perform a full backup of website files and database and upload to Red Rook FTP
  • Send Email to Red Rook confirming that these tasks have been completed

Magento Developer Tasks

  • Download website backup from Red Rook FTP
  • Restore the website database on to the new Magento Production Server
  • Import uRapidFlow tables from Magento Development Database
    • Tables
      • Urapidflow_profile
      • Usimplelic_license
      • usimpleup_module
      • Core_config_data rapidflow settings
  • Put the new website into Maintenance Mode to prevent customers from accessing the new website
    • It is VERY important that NO orders are placed on the new website until Red Rook completes the tasks needed for Commerce5
  • Whitelist Red Rook Office IP to bypass the Maintenance Mode to allow Red Rook to login to the Magento Admin
    • IP Address to Whitelist:
  • Double Check the following Magento Admin Settings
    • Magento Admin - Make sure Default Robots set to: "INDEX, FOLLOW" 
    • Magento Admin - SEO - Use Categories Path for Product URLs "No"
    • Magento Admin - SEO - Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories "Yes"
    • Magento Admin - SEO - Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Products "Yes"                    
    • Magento Admin - Turn OFF Magento Demo Store Notice

  • Enable "WS-I Compliance" and "WSDL Cache" for the Magento API

  • Flush the Magento Cache and WSDL Cache
  • Switch production website Domain Name to the new Magento web server
  • Confirm that SSL Certificate has been installed on production webserver
  • Enable Secure URLs in Frontend and Admin
    • System>Configuration
    • General>Web
    • Secure Tab
  • Confirm that all HTTP traffic is being redirected to HTTPS
    • All pages on the website (product page, category pages, etc) should be loading using HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Manually Generate the Sitemap.xml file and then review the Sitemap.xml file to make sure it references the production domain name and HTTPS urls   
  • Send Email to Red Rook confirming that these tasks have been completed

Red Rook Tasks

  • Send Email to Magento Developer confirming that these tasks have been completed

Magento Developer Tasks

  • Purge the "core_url_rewrites" table and then a run full product reindex
    • The NRO Database contains a lot of outdated custom url rewrites which impact website performance. Purging this table and running a full reindex will clean up this table leaving only valid System redirects
  • Remove Website Maintenance Flag
  • Send Email to Red Rook and Customer confirming that these tasks have been completed and the new website is now live!!!!

Red Rook Tasks

  • Change Commerce5 Order Cutoff Date to the current date
    • VERY IMPORTANT: This will prevent old orders from getting reimported to Counterpoint
  • Test Commerce5 connection to production website domain name using HTTPS (SSL Certificate)
  • Import Live Website Orders into Counterpoint Production Database
  • Confirm that product import to the website is running properly
  • Confirm Email Notifications are setup for Commerce5 Errors

Customer Tasks

Once your website is accessible using your production domain name:

  • Make sure your local network DNS is updated for the new website. Some servers or firewalls need to be restarted or have their DNS manually flushed for you to see the new website from your office/store.
  • Place a live order for each payment method to confirm that the checkout is working properly with your production domain name and SSL certificate.
    • Live Order for Paypal, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Payments, etc
  • Check to make sure that you received the order confirmation email
  • Test Product Shopping Feeds such as Google Shopping
  • Check "Shopping Cart Price Rules" that were using Ecommerce Categories for Gridded items
    • These rules should be updated to filter on product attributes other than Ecommerce Category.
  • Confirm that money is going into your bank account
  • Make Sure Google Analytics is connected to your Website
  • Monitor and fix any 404 Errors reported by Google Analytics. Your Magento Developer can help show you how to fix these 404 Errors
  • Check that your website SSL certificate has an "A" overall rating and supports TLS 1.2

Post Go-Live Tasks

  • Make sure to Disable/Delete the NRO Integration Agent Scheduled Tasks that are running on the Counterpoint Server
  • Once the NRO Migration to Commerce5 is complete it is the responsibility of the customer to contact NCR to deactivate their NRO service to suspend on going billing.

Here is the link for requesting the NRO Store Closure