To sell gift cards on a Magento 1 website, gift cards SKUs must be created in the Magento Admin as follows.

Note: Your Magento Developer is responsible for making any Design Changes to the Gift Card Product Page on the front end of the website

When creating a new product select the product type "Gift Card"

The Gift Card SKU in Magento must match a Non-Inventory Gift Card Item Number in Counterpoint as seen here:

Gift Card Prices can be configured multiple ways. Here are examples of the different configuration options

(1) Gift Card Setup to allow for a Range of Values

This allows for a customer to enter ANY gift card amount between $20 and $500

(2) Gift Card Setup to Require Selecting from a list of allowed amounts

This allows for a customer to select a gift card amount of $20, $50, $100, $200

(3) Gift Card Setup that sells a Gift Card for a Fixed Amount

The customer has only the one option to purchase the $100 Gift Card

(4) Gift Card Setup that sells a Gift Card for less than the Gift Card Value

The customer is able to purchase a $100 Gift Card for only $90

  • This is a great marketing tool to stimulate the sales of Gift Cards

Make sure that Inventory settings are configured to Not Manage Stock which will allow for an unlimited number of Gift Cards to be sold