A Non-Inventory Gift Card Item needs to be created in Counterpoint where the Item # matches the SKU of the Gift Card Product that has been setup on the Magento 1 Website

A New Inventory Account Code will need to be created to control which G/L Account is assigned to when Gift Cards are sold.

Example: Account Code = GC

The Sales Account MUST be mapped to the GC Liabilities Account as seen here:

You can confirm that this is the correct G/L account by checking the Gift Card Setup here:

  • Setup > System > Gift Card Codes

Note: If a Gift Card is configured to be created as a store credit then you will want to verify the Store Credit Liability under the company setup.

Setup > System > Company

Gift Card # as Item Prompt 1

  • Create a new item prompt "GC#" for item prompt 1
  • Note: If you are looking to use a prompt code other than "GC#" then the following setting in the Commerce5 database will need to be changed to specify the alternate code

The GC# must be setup as Data Type "Alpha"