The following scenario will show the process when a $100 Virtual Gift Card is purchased on the website and payment is authorized only at checkout.

  • A virtual gift card is when there is NO physical gift card that is sent to the customer. The customer will receive an email from the website with their gift card number. The customer can then use this gift card number on the website or in a retail store.

Once the order has been placed you can view the order in the Magento Admin.

  • The customer will NOT be sent an email with the Gift Card #. The Gift Card Email will be sent when the order has been released in Counterpoint and an invoice is created in Magento for the order

When this order is imported into Counterpoint it will create 1 transaction

An open order will be created that includes the Gift Card # in the Line Item "Prompt 1 Alpha" field

  • Note: The line item on the order is the non-inventory gift card item that was setup. Counterpoint does NOT allow Gift Card lines on orders.

Gift Card Details are stored as an order note with note id "GIFTCARD"

Releasing Gift Card Order in Counterpoint

When the order is released in Counterpoint, the order in Magento will be invoiced triggering an email to be sent to the customer with the gift card #

  • The Gift Card Order in Magento is Invoiced as seen here:

Example Release Ticket

  • The Gift Card is created in Counterpoint from the release ticket

The $100 Gift Card is created in the Counterpoint Gift Card table