The following gift card settings in Magento should be reviewed with your Magento Developer to ensure they meet your business requirements.

System > Configuration

Commerce5 Counterpoint Gateway

  • Gateway URL
    • Secure path for connecting to the Counterpoint Gateway Services that is running on the same network as the Counterpoint server
  • Gateway Port
    • The port that the Counterpoint Gateway Service is configured to listen on (defaults to 50937)
  • API Token
    • The secure API token that has been configured within the Counterpoint Gateway Service to authentication connection attempts
  • Use Commerce5 Counterpoint Gateway
    • Activates the real time communication between the website and the Commerce5 Counterpoint Gateway
  • Commerce5 Extension Logging
    • This should be enabled when troubleshooting the extension. When the website is in production mode it is recommended that logging is disabled to improve performance.
  • Gift Card Validation on Order Submission
    • When enabled real time authentication is performed with the Commerce5 Counterpoint Gateway
      • If there is no response from the Gateway the error message specified will be displayed to the customer.
        • Example: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact our customer service team at (888) 888 -8888 for assistance using your gift card
    • When disabled real time authentication is performed with the Commerce5 Counterpoint Gateway and if the Gateway is not responding then the local Magento Gift Card tables will be checked to validate a gift card

System > Configuration

Recommended General Gift Card Settings

  • Enable Gift Card --> Yes
  • Gift Code Pattern
    • Configure the pattern to auto-generate gift codes for Gift Card products when customers purchase in front end.
    • [A.8] : 8 alpha characters[N.4] : 4 numeric characters[AN.6] : 6 alphanumeric characters. 
    • If you enter GIFT-[A.4]-[AN.6] as the sample, the system will auto-create a bunch of gift codes matching this pattern, GIFT-ADFA-12NF0O for example.
  • The number of prefixes shown
    • The number of prefix characters which are shown in a voucher code is 4, for example: 1234-XXXX.

Gift Card Usage Required Settings:

  • Maximum time(s) to enter gift code incorrectly --> Recommend 5 or less
    • This help prevents malicious attempts at brute force guessing gift card numbers by a customer or bot
  • Enable customer's Gift Card Credit Balance --> No
    • Commerce5 does NOT support this feature. It MUST be disabled.
  • Maximum number of users per gift code --> Left Blank
    • Commerce5 does NOT support this feature. It MUST be left blank
  • Use Gift Card for Shipping Fee --> Set to Yes
    • Gift Cards are always allowed to pay for Shipping Fees

Gift Card Usage Optional Settings that are Recommended:

  • Gift cards codes expire after --> Left Blank
    • This should be left blank as most omni-channel gift cards never expire
  • Use Gift Cards with Coupon Codes --> Set to Yes
    • It is very common that customers will be using promo coupons in checkout and applying a gift card to their order
  • Show Gift Card Expiry Date on the website --> Set to No
    • Most Omni-Channel Gift Cards do NOT expire so there is no reason to display an expiry date
  • Apply Gift Cad Discount --> After Tax
    • Gift Cards are typically allowed to pay for tax