When importing orders an order fails with the error:

  • ERROR: The magento payment type ["xxxx"] does not exist in CounterPoint SQL and has not been configured for translation. This value has been automatically added to your translation configuration.


When downloading orders Commerce5 attempts to match the payment type being reported by Magento to a Paycode within Counterpoint based on a predefined mapping table.  If the payment type being reported by Magento does not exist within the mapping the order will error until it is created.


  • Launch the Commerce5 application and near the top ensure the web site the order was placed on is selected
  • Select the Linked Values Setup on the left navigation
  • Select Payment Types
  • If you have created a new paycode within CP for this mapping you will need to click the Find New / Update Description button before it will be an option within the mapping screen
  • The unmapped payment type referenced in the error message should show up in the table unmapped.  You will simply need to select the desired paycode in the Mapped To column to complete the mapping.  i.e. if you are attempting to map the CIM Magento payment type to the Credit Card paycode in Counterpoint your mapping would look similar to this:
  • You can then attempt to download the order again and check to see it completes successfully.