Note: The following information is being provided as an example of how to manually create a 301 redirect in Magento 2. We recommend that you work with your Magento Partner or SEO company to ensure that these redirects are being configured appropriately.


When going live with your new Magento 2 website it is CRITICAL that as many links that were indexed by Google and other Search Engines are redirected to the appropriate url on the new website.

The easiest way to find the top ranked URLs that have been indexed is to perform a search on "site:domainname"

Example: site:

When we click on a link we want to check to see if it is being properly redirected or if we are getting a 404 error like the following

If you get a 404 error then it is critical that a 301 redirect be setup as follows.

In the Magento 2 Admin Go To:

After you have saved the 301 redirect you will then see it added to the list of URL Rewrites

Note: Make sure you go back and test the link from Google to confirm that the redirect is working properly.

If you have any issues with configuring these 301 redirects properly your Magento Developer is the best resource to help troubleshoot.