The following troubleshooting steps have been provided to help identify the root challenge with uploading product images using Commerce5.

The easiest way to troubleshoot the image upload is to pick 1 example product image that is not working properly and walk through the following steps. After resolving the challenge with this 1 product image there is a good chance it will address the issue with the other product images.

For this example we will be troubleshooting the image upload for product "00014".

  • Check to make sure that the "Last Import Date" product attribute has the current date. This will let you know if the product upload is working properly for this item. It is does NOT show the current date the product upload or Rapidflow Import profiles will need to be reviewed

  • Double Check the Image Import Settings in the Rapidflow Profile

System > Rapidflow

Import Products Profile > Import Options

Import Image Gallery > Import Options

Test the FTP connection in Commerce5

  • If a red exclamation point is displayed it means the following is an issue
    • FTP Credentials need to be updated
    • Firewall on Counterpoint server is blocking FTP connection to webserver
    • Firewall on Web Server is blocking FTP connection from Counterpoint server
      • Verify that the Counterpoint server public IP is whitelisted for FTP/SFTP access on the webserver
      • The following website will show you the public IP
    • The remote path is not valid
      • Most common reason is that the "images" folder has been deleted on the webserver
      • Use filezilla to connect to the webserver and recreate the images folder
        • /var/urapidflow/import/images

Verify that the "Local Directory" is pointed to the correct folder on the Counterpoint server for where the product images are stored.

  • Example Default Location
    •  C:\Program Files (x86)\Radiant Systems\CounterPoint\CPSQL.1\Toplevel\[CompanyName}\Configuration\ItemImages

Verify that product images all have the same image extension

  • Example: if uploading "jpg" images then ALL product images must have the file extension "jpg"
    • If the image extension is "jpeg" it will NOT be imported and needs to be renamed to "jpg"
    • If the image extension is "png" it will NOT be imported and will need to be converted to a "jpg"

Verify that Image Dimensions and File Size meet the recommended requirements for Magento

  • Example: If trying to upload a product image that is 30MB it will NOT work on the website. The image will need to be optimized for the web

Verify that the Image Name in the product import files matches the image name in the /var/urapidflow/import/images folder on the webserver

SQL Query:


WHERE SKU = '00014'