After Commerce5 has been installed you may notice a new/altered "Custom" tab in your item records. This tab is used as a place to configure as much of the website information as possible from Counterpoint. 

Below you'll find a description of each of the default fields and features that are added by Commerce5. Many of the fields that are added are optional and can be removed to reduce confusion, and Red Rook can also add other attribute fields for information that should be pushed to the website as well.

Ecommerce Item - This is the link between Counterpoint and the website. If this box is checked, Commerce5 will attempt to upload and update the product. If it is unchecked, all communication between CP and the website will stop, no matter the status of the item on the site.

Qty Stock Threshold – Allows you to set a number other than 0 to signal for an item to go out of stock. This can be helpful for preventing overselling between stores and online.

Always in Stock – Never set the stock status to Out of Stock for a given item, no matter the quantity.

Web Status – Push the ecommerce product to the website but mark it as disabled. It will appear in the admin but not on the front end until you change this field to Enabled. Helpful for new items you’d like to check over before “going live”, or for temporarily removing items from the site. (If blank, it will be “Enabled” by default).

Web Archive – Remove the item from Search and Navigation, set qty to 0, set stock status to Out of Stock, but keep the product URL active. This is a good way to essentially remove an item by making it nearly impossible to find without the risk of taking SEO hits for dead links. For permanent removal, we recommend setting up redirects instead of the Archive feature.

Parent Item # - Used to set the Parent Item for a given Child Item. For more information on configuring Parent Items, Click Here.

Web Name - Optional field which can be used as product name instead of Long Description, or Additional Description 1,2, or 3. Major benefit is that it has no character limit.

Web Visibility- Set the visibility of the item on the website from Counterpoint (Catalog; Catalog,Search; Not Visible Individually, Search). If left blank, this field will use the regular visibility for the item type.

Attribute Set - Optional setting to specify which Attribute set to use on the website. If left blank, it will use the Default attribute set.

Custom Stock Status -  If using an extension that will let you specify Custom Stock Statuses such as Amasty Custom Stock Status, you can specify the stock status from Counterpoint (Preorder, Special Order, Available in 5 Days etc.)

Hide Default Stock Status - Toggle to hide the default stock Status

Custom Stock Status Qty Rule - Specify the Stock Status Qty Rule

Marketplace - This field can be used to signal which Marketplace(s) an item should be sent to (Amazon, Ebay etc.)

Web Backorder Method - Specify how the item should handle backorders ( Allow purchase with Qty below 0, Allow purchase with Qty below 0 and notify customer, or Do Not Allow Backorders). If blank, the item will not allow backorders.

Disable Purchase - Toggles the Disable Purchase field in Magento

Disable Purchase Text - Optional text to display for purchase disabled items