The Ecommerce Checkbox, which can be found in the Ecommerce tab or the Custom Tab of the item record is the link between Counterpoint and the Website. If the Ecommerce checkbox is checked, then the integration will attempt to upload the product.

However, to REMOVE an item from the website, it is not as simple as just unchecking the ecommerce checkbox. Unchecking the ecommerce checkbox without disabling or deleting the item on the web will break the link between Counterpoint and the web and the product will stay exactly how it currently is on the site. No changes made in Counterpoint will be synced to the website.

Instead we recommend removing products from the front end by using the Web Status field, as seen below. By keeping the ecommerce checkbox checked and changing the web status to "Disabled", the product will be removed from the front end of the website but any changes made in CP will continue to sync. Note: If this field is left blank, it will be "Enabled" by default.

Another option to remove an item from the site is to use the "Web Archive" Checkbox. With both the Ecommerce Item and Web Archive checkboxes checked, the item will still maintain a live product URL but it will be removed from search and navigation, set to qty 0, and Out of Stock, making the page very hard to find without the exact url and impossible to purchase. This is valuable because the product page URL remains active so you won't be penalized by search engines that have crawled the page. This is great for seasonal products or items that are going to be unavailable for a temporary amount of time. For permanent removal, we recommend putting redirects in place for the product URL. This is something that your web partner can help you set up.