If you would like to enhance a Red Rook product, this is the place to do it.  Below are some helpful tidbits when making a request.

Engage: https://wishlist.theredrook.com/

Select Type:

Feature - A feature is a new addition of functionality that has not previously existed before.  

Example: If Scotty wanted to add a holodeck, which had not been invented at that time, to the NCC-1701-A, he would submit that as a new feature.

User Story - A User Story is a change or enhancement to an existing feature that considers a different use of it.  

Example: If Data wanted to enhance the holodeck on the NCC-1701-D to enable the crew to create a mini-universe within protected memory so fictional characters like Dr. Moriarty, who after becoming sentient, could live on for eternity, this would be submitted as a user story.

Bug - A bug is a condition where a feature is found to be performing differently than expected by its original scope or documentation.  

Example: Data might have submitted a bug request after learning Dr. Moriarty could leave the NCC-1701-D holodeck, which was not supposed to happen.

Site Note/Rabbit Hole: Technically, Dr. Moriarty never left the holodeck, he had only deceived the crew into believing this was the case.  Data and Picard ultimately resolved the perceived bug with a new User Story that tricked Dr. Moriarty at his own game. Reference:  See Star Trek TNG : Elementary, Dear Data and Star Trek TNG : Ship in a bottle

Select Product:

Select the product this wishlist item applies to.

Select Priority:

The selected priority provides the product stakeholders with the submitting perceived priority.  It does not determine the priority of development.  Stakeholders will consider the priority requested, but it does not promise that this wishlist item will get priority attention.

Target Date:

The target date should be used to inform stakeholders if there will be an impact if not achieved by this date.

Requested by Email:

Please enter your email if you would like to be notified on the decision for this wishlist item.

Business Value:

Arguably the most valuable information for the product stakeholders is to clearly define the value of the request.  So long as we don't have an endless supply of engineering resources, product stakeholders will have the task of evaluating the priority of engineering tasks.  This is the place to justify priority.

Is this wish list request on behalf of just one specific customer?

    Please Identify the customer and what the value of this feature is to them.

Is this wish list request introducing our product to a new market?

            Please describe the market that we propose to enter?  (Description/Opportunity Size/Competition/Strategy).  Do we have any customers already in this market that could help in our research of this opportunity?

Is this wish list request a premium feature that can be upsold to current customers?

            Please describe why a customer would desire this feature and a willingness to pay more.

Is this wish list request designed to reduce labor for current customers?

            Please describe the customer’s current workload (or process flow), the workload (or process flow) after this feature in implemented, and how we would quantify the savings of the reduction in labor?

Is this wish list request addressing a bug?

            Please describe the negative impact.  Do we have a workaround to mitigate it?  Which customers are currently experiencing this pain?

Is this wish list item designed to reduce Red Rook labor?

Please describe the current workload (or process flow), the workload (or process flow) after this feature in implemented, and how we would quantify the savings of the reduction in labor?  Please note that labor estimates must be supported by the manager of that department that supports the claim.  Evidence in reports required.

Is this wish list request required to satisfy promises previously made?

            Please describe.  (EG. Feature Gap with NRO).

Does this wish list request promote Red Rook culture?

    Please describe.

Title and Description:

Describe the Feature, User Story, or Bug as clearly as possible.  Product stakeholders will rely on engineers to provide ball parks of effort during the assessment period.  If the request is not clearly understood, the request will be pended until a more detailed description is provided, or the request may be interpreted differently than the requester imagined.