Commerce5 has the ability to sync tracking numbers entered in Counterpoint to Magento. When a tracking number has been entered and the order has been released, Commerce5 uses the release ticket to capture the tracking number(s).

Tracking numbers can be entered in different ways depending on how you process orders.

Below are a few of the most common methods:

From Order Management (Point of Sale > Order Management), click the order menu at the top and click Tracking Numbers to add a tracking number for the selected order:

You can also enter tracking numbers from the Tracking Numbers Enter tool (Point of Sale > Tracking Numbers > Tracking Numbers Enter):

Tracking numbers can also be added in Ticket Entry (Point of Sale > Tickets > Ticket Entry). Click the Ticket menu item at the top and then select Tracking Numbers:

It is also possible to add tracking numbers via the Touchscreen ticket entry interface, although you or your Counterpoint dealer may need to add this option your screens.

If the release ticket is posted without adding a tracking number, Commerce5 will create a shipment in Magento without a tracking number.

If a tracking number is added to the same release ticket after being posted (not possible in Counterpoint, but can happen using a custom shipping integration) then Commerce5 will still detect the tracking number and add it to the shipment created in Magento for that release ticket.

When Commerce5 is configured to not upload tracking numbers from Counterpoint, the order status will be changed to Complete in Magento once all items have been released or canceled, and no shipments will be created in Magento.

More details and options can be found in the below knowledgebase article from NCR:

For more information on Tracking numbers, please contact your Counterpoint partner.